Olivia Munn Before and After: Why Her Face Looks SO Different These Days

Olivia Munn has spoken out against those who believe she has had plastic surgery.

In an Instagram post, the “Ride Along 2” star shares the new beauty regimens that she has been trying. Some speculate that they have resulted in a change in her appearance.

“Who said that only men can age better than women?” She posted some skin secrets, and we’re going to turn that myth around. These are the skin tips that I have learned over the past year, which improved my skin’s texture and shape.

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To show her facial changes over the past year, she shared two photos from the Met Gala in May 2015 and another from “Ride Along 2,” which premiered on January 6, 2016.

Olivia Mun Plastic Surgery

Tip 1: She lost some weight.

While training for Xmen, I lost 12 pounds. It was possible because I did an hour of workouts a few times per week. She explains how her slimmer figure was due to weight loss. Exercise is excellent for your skin; it improves blood flow and helps you rejuvenate.

For her role as Psylocke, the actress had to learn intense fight choreography in “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

Tip 2: She reshaped her eyebrows.

“I do my brows myself, and I always believed they should have a high arch. A facialist noticed that my brows were becoming a frown. Olivia continues. I let my brows grow (which was never fun as it leaves a streaky look for a few weeks), and then I pulled the bottom. This gave my eyebrows a horizontal angle, which instantly brightened my eyes.

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Tip 3: Say bye to sunspots

“I love my freckles. Olivia writes that she has seen more freckles merge with others to create large dark spots over the years. Dark spots can make your skin duller and prevent it from reflecting light. For the past year, I have been using @Proactiv Mark Fading pads diligently. My face is now more even, and the more prominent spots are less noticeable.

But her biggest skin secret: potatoes!

She adds, “I have spoken about this before, and it is still true: Japanese potatoes high in Hyaluronic acid help keep wrinkles away.” To learn more, go to this video: “Connie Chung Yuzihara” Although there are Hyaluronic acid pills and vitamins, I believe that eating Hyaluronic Acid-rich foods is the best way to get it into your body.

Here’s what she is talking about:

“I am still researching what can be done to get rid of the lines around your neck. It could be tension, and acupuncture may be the solution. Olivia concludes, “When I find out more, I’ll let you all know.”

She sounds like she has everything covered. Are you still convinced she got a little tuck? Or do you think she has found natural ways of changing her appearance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Olivia Munn Before and After

I don’t know if Olivia protests too much, but I doubt it. She claims she has lost weight and changed her eyebrow shape. That’s fine. I believe her. As someone who has covered celebrity beauty, I understand the transformative power of makeup better than most. I suspect that she is omitting crucial information that could explain her new look.

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Here is my theory. Her first procedure was probably an eye lift. This can be done with blepharoplasty or Botox to lift the eyebrows. The latter would eventually wear off, so her eyebrows might look higher in some photos.

She may have had Botox injections at her jawline to weaken the masseter (chewing muscles) muscles. This is what Bethenny Frankel admitted to recently, and Rene Zellweger may have had it done as well.

Her lips are not filled with Restylane, which I don’t think is possible. It’s possible that her freckles were faded by the glycolic and salicylic acids in Proactiv+ Mark Correction Pads (for whom she is a spokesperson). It seems more likely that you can have laser resurfacing done if you have the money.

Surprisingly, I am confident she did not get a nose job. This is unlike 99 per cent of Hollywood. There’s that. It would have been much better if she either kept it a secret or fully owned her cosmetics, rather than telling us half-truths about the skincare company she works for.

What do you think about Olivia’s transformation in beauty?
Which look do you prefer?
What beauty work do you believe she has done?

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