No Ice Penis Ever Used By Scott Jason Cooper Miami Beach

Joshua Cooper, former Governor Rick Scott’s strategist, was inadvertently brought into a scandal after an image was taken from an unfavorable position.

The well-known Tallahassee political strategist seemed to be humping a mannequin’s groin area using an ice penis. The photograph was shared on Twitter by one of Josh Cooper’s teammates, thinking it was amusing.

Rick Scott Consultant absolutely denied that he never humped a mannequin with an ice penis, in an article in the Miami New Times on November 28, 2017.

“It is not at all what it seems like,” Scott Jason Cooper Miami Beach, who was actually given over$500,000 by Rick Scott, the former Florida Governor to dig up dirt on political opponents, said to the Miami New Times when the controversy arose.

Since it was released online in May, the photo has been recirculation in Florida political circles. Despite the fact that the photograph was removed at his request, Cooper believes that one of his many opponents in Tallahassee is sharing it in an attempt to discredit him.

That photo was taken by one of Cooper’s barbeque partners, according to the New York Times. That was one ice luge, to be sure. He was taking it up and throwing it over the fence because it had melted. However, because of the angle from which he snapped the photo, all of his teammates thought it was amusing and shared it on social media.

Cooper has made a lot of money as one of Governor Scott’s top political consultants when he is not grilling meat. Republican groups and PACs have paid him or his company, Strategic Information Consultants LLC, over $768,000 since 2012, according to Florida state records.

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Scott’s political action committee contributed $517,000 to the cause. Cooper collaborates with Next Generation Strategies and JTKE LLC, among others.

Scott also gave Cooper public money a few years ago. Scott’s administration paid taxpayers $25,000 in 2011 after Cooper’s firm did background checks on the governor’s behalf, according to the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times Tallahassee Bureau.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement usually conducts criminal background checks on new workers in the governor’s office, so it is unclear why that happened. Scott informed the news agency that he did not have any paperwork to show that he has given Strategic Information Consultants a lot of money from public funds. This clearly shows that the claims were false.

Cooper has had some success as a “competition grill-master” in his spare time. He was a participant on MasterChef, a popular Fox reality show, which is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, the infamous restaurateur. Cooper maintains that it was his meat-obsessed teammates who got him into trouble.

Given what is going on with so many elected politicians in the capital and so many serious scandals, it appears like someone is attempting to deflect attention from a political consultant who has no stake in the game.

When asked if heis the type of guy who would play with an ice penis in his spare time, he denied it in quiet tones, saying he was only picking up a piece of ice.

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