Importance of Asian wedding attire in Pakistani Wedding

Importance of Asian wedding attire in Pakistani Wedding

Pakistani weddings are very famous because of Pakistani tradition and culture. There are four provinces in Pakistan. People of these four provinces are different in language, food, culture, and celebrations. Some are Punjabi, some are Balochi, some are Sindhi and Pashto.

That means Pakistan is a country where there are many customs and traditions. People of every province celebrate their occasions and weddings with full zeal. Pakistanis are especially known for their traditional Pakistani clothes on different occasions.

People of Pakistan show a huge interest in dressing styles. They adopt new trends and dress themselves according to their tradition. 

Why are Pakistani weddings famous worldwide?

Weddings in Pakistan are not a single-day event. But Pakistanis make sure to celebrate their events and happiness in the best way. Weddings are for at least 3 to 4 days. There are other functions before and after the wedding such as Milad, mehndi, Valima, and Mayun.

Preparations for Pakistani wedding start seven to eight months before the wedding. They decorate their homes and banquets according to the event. Pakistanis spend a lot on their weddings. The decorations, food, and clothes everything is worth appreciating.

This means Pakistanis celebrate every event in a perfect way. Events are more perfect if you dress yourself the way you want to. Pakistanis wedding attire is well known in all parts of the world. Their dresses represent Pakistani culture. 

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What are Pakistani wedding traditions?

Pakistani wedding traditions include singing, dholki sessions, mayun ceremony. There are many customs depending on beliefs and interest of people of four provinces. Pakistani people warmly welcome their guest and host them throughout the wedding week. 

What type of dressing Pakistanis do at their wedding?

Pakistanis invest a lot in their weddings, especially in wedding dresses. They plan dresses for all events. Wedding dresses of Pakistan include lehenga choli, gharara, shalwar kameez, frocks, and pishwas.

Nowadays saree is also included in Pakistani wedding dresses. Whereas males wear shalwar kameez, kurta shalwar, sherwani, and waistcoats. 

Pakistani brides wear lehenga choli. They look very beautiful in elegant designs of lehenga. Grooms wear sherwani. These dresses are part of the tradition. The theme of dressing remains the same in all provinces whereas designs and style differ. 

Why Pakistani dresses are in high demand all over the world?

Pakistani dresses are in high demand. People from other countries also like these dresses and buy these. Wedding dresses of Pakistan are famous due to following reasons:

Beautiful embroidery and Fashion clothes

Embroidery is the art of decorating clothes with the help of a needle. Embroidery is either done by hand or by machine depending on the type of embroidery. There are various kinds of embroidery done in Pakistan.

The embroidery designs of Pakistani dresses are very beautiful. There are many markets especially for embroidery. Pakistani embroidery is not only liked by Pakistani people but people living in other countries also like it. They always order their clothes from Pakistan due to beautiful design and embroidery.

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Many fabric types are made in Pakistan and are worn by Pakistani people. These types include lawn, cotton, velvet, chiffon, tissue cloth, silk and cotton silk. This variety of fabrics in Pakistan shows Pakistani people have interest in fashion. People choose among these fabrics according to their will. 

Colour of Choice

Above mentioned fabrics are available in many colors. On mehndi, people wear colorful dresses such as a green and pink combination. Whereas on Shaadi event, red is very common which is followed by orange, dark blue, pink, etc. Black, blue, light green are colors for the valima event. 


Weddings of Pakistan are not simple boring weddings but these weddings are interesting. People plan different themes for different events and they do a lot of preparations. There is a wide variety of wedding clothes in Pakistan.

Day by day, designers find more ways to improve the fashion industry of Pakistan. They try to put their unique ideas in fashion industry. Due to this reason, Pakistani wedding clothes have a huge variety. You can get Pakistani clothes from Libas e Jamila Fashion Brand which is UK based online clothing store.

Not only Pakistani dresses but other types of Asian dresses are also famous in Libas e Jamila Fashion collection. Asian dresses are colorful, their prints and designs are very beautiful. 


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