How to provide support to disable employees?

There are approximately 1 billion disabled people in the world. Unfortunately, we don’t understand how valuable they can be for us. Many organizations do understand that disabled people can be even more hard-working, talented and professional. Due to this, they reserve seats for them. If you have recruited some disable people and you are very optimistic about providing maximum support to them in order to make them survive in the society, here are a few ways by which you can do this:

Train them to cope with their disability:

Many people don’t know how they can work for any company with their disability. Even if they are talented, they will not be able to outperform others because they know some basics regarding their conduct. Disable people need to learn some behavior tips so that they can behave in such a way that is acceptable by their employers and co-workers. Employers can take necessary steps such as organizing a training session for them that will let them know about ethical and moral codes of conduct. Get information about NDIS code of conduct with PROVIDERplus. 

Create policies for them:

Disable people are usually more sensitive than general public and they sense discrimination more quickly than others. Therefore, people around them should be more careful. For this purpose, you can make several policies that support them and let the entire staff of the company know about it. Discuss with staff how the company will deal with bullying in the office. This way, no one will ever bully disable people. Similarly, you can make many other such policies in support of disable workers in your company 

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Evaluate them individually:

It is the responsibility of the manager in any firm to ensure that people working in that firm are comfortable, the environment is friendly for them and they are well-adjusted in it. You should understand that people with any sort of disability have special needs and they can work comfortably only if those needs are met. So, their needs cannot be assessed in a generalized way. You will have to pay attention to them individually. If you want to take an additional step, you can organize a meeting with them to ask them about their needs. 

Pay them equally:

Disable people are no different and you have to make yourself and everyone in your company believe in it. Sometimes, we don’t expect them to work as much as normal people and considering them, we pay them less. Even if you are feeling that you are not making them work so much, pay them equally. This will make them feel that they are not being treated differently. When you pay them equally, tell them that you are happy to have them in your company and you consider them your employees who deserve to be paid as soon as they finish their work. Also, be clear that they are not being paid equally out of feelings of sympathy you have for them in your heart

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