How To Properly Charge A Phone Battery By Phone Repair Shop

Some individuals ask whether they can kill smartphone batteries by not charging or overcharging them. Tellfix, a phone repair shop in Tampa, provides a few tips on how to properly charge a phone battery so that you can keep it healthy as long as possible. People consider talking about batteries boring until their smartphone, laptop, or tablet stops charging and encounters some problems. The lifespan of batteries is mostly three to five years, but you can increase it up to seven years if you take proper care of it. Most people fear that their battery will fade away when they are out somewhere, and their fear can also fade away when they give fruitful life to batteries if they follow a proper charging routine. It is a fact that technology does not last long, and it is not invincible. At a certain point, all electronic devices get damaged and obsolete.

Similarly, batteries also have 300-500 charging cycles. Apple company says their MacBook reaches 805 battery health after 1000 charging cycles. After years of buying a device, the battery will begin to hold less electricity, resulting in a short lifespan. There are certain tips on increasing the battery health of your iPhone, Android, laptops, and tablets. It is important to address this problem because many people get confused about whether they should charge their gadgets when they reach 0% to 100% and how. 

When must I charge my smartphone?

Lithium-ion batteries demand that one should keep the battery charged to 50% or more. Phone repair shops say that when your smartphone’s battery reaches below 50%, it’s better to charge it more. Charging your device a few times a day looks optimum and healthy for the battery life. Charging phones to 100% is not recommended. However, it’s not fatal to your battery, but it will shorten the battery lifespan as soon as you think. People become satisfied by fully charging their batteries, especially in emergencies. A good charging routine is between 40-80%, and it will be enough for your whole day. Don’t let your battery fall below 20%.

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Must I charge my Battery to 100%?

According to a phone repair shop in Tampa, draining your battery to 0% and then recharging it top 100% should only be done once a month as it recalibrates your battery. In technology, doing this means restarting and refreshing your device. In humans, it means going on a holiday! This method goes with all your gadgets, including laptops and tablets. Please don’t do it daily; otherwise, you will damage your battery more than you think. Recalibrating once a month proves to be healthy for batteries in the long run. 

Should I charge my device overnight?

The new flagship phones have become clever, and they stop charging once they are fully charged, so leaving the phone charged overnight is not a big problem. If you have a phone that does not have this feature, you should not do overnight charging. A phone repair shop in Tampa recommends that you should remove the protective casing from your smartphone if you are charging it overnight to prevent the lithium-ion battery from overheating.

Should I use any other charger?

It is better to use a charger that comes with your phone. Nowadays, smartphones don’t come with a charger, and you have to buy them separately. Make sure that you are buying a charger from the same company. If you are an iPhone user, try to buy an original iPhone charger. If you have a Samsung phone, buy an original Samsung charger, and so on. If you use any third-party charger, ensure that the manufacturer approves it. Purchasing a cheap charger to charge your phone can harm your battery. Your smartphone can also catch fire because of cheap chargers.

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Memory Effect

Memory effect is when your smartphone’s battery remembers the remaining charge if you don’t have a habit of letting it go to zero%. If you charge your phone’s battery from 20 to 80%, it may forget about the remaining 40% left uncharged, i.e., 0-20 and 80-100. This effect must sound weird, but it’s correct for nickel-based batteries. However, it does not apply to lithium-ion batteries in new phones because they don’t face the memory effect. It is recommended that you should charge the lithium batteries often during the day but not throughout the day. Don’t ever let a battery reach zero% besides when recalibrating. 

Battery Tips Storing

If you let your smartphone’s battery go below 20% or zero%, it may not be able to hold the charge after it. If you keep on doing this, your smartphone will be dead. Many people leave their phones, laptops, and tablets uncharged in a drawer for days when they are not in use. It affects the battery greatly. It’s better to at least half charge the battery of any electronic device before putting them somewhere, even if they are not in use. 

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