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How to prepare for the installation of a split air conditioner?

The split air conditioner installation procedure is the most crucial thing to plan for after purchasing your air conditioning machine.

While specialists will be in charge of your split system air conditioner installation, you must still consider certain crucial elements to maximize the advantages of your unit and ensure a flawless split air conditioner installation procedure.

Factors to consider when installing a split air conditioner

By checking these items off your list as a house or business owner, you play a crucial part in preparing your area for split air conditioner installation.

Indoor and outdoor unit locations

Before the split air conditioner installation professionals come, you must determine where to place your inside and outdoor units. The indoor unit should preferably be placed in a location where the air can be spread properly and without disturbances. It should also be a wall located at least 8-10 feet from the ground yet easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. If the split air conditioner installation is in a bedroom, it is best to position it above the bed to get the most out of the unit’s cooling power. If the split air conditioner installation will be above a window, it should be symmetrical to that window to blend in with the rest of the room.

For the outdoor unit, it is recommended to put the split air conditioner in an open location, such as a terrace, where air can easily flow over the compressor and condenser. If that is not a possibility, choose an exterior wall that is strong enough to support the outside unit while yet allowing sufficient ventilation.

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Strength of the wall one of the most critical considerations before installing a split air conditioner is the strength of the wall against which it will be installed. Because you know your home better than the professionals, choose a wall that is robust enough to support your indoor unit. To prevent mishaps, never install a split air conditioner on uneven or false walls. Aside from safety, doing it correctly the first time can save you money on further split system air conditioner installation costs.

Between the air conditioner and the wall

Be mindful of the space between the air conditioning unit and the wall when installing a split air conditioner. To ensure optimal ventilation, a minimum of 15 cm should be left around the top and sides of the unit. The same logic should be utilized when installing an outdoor unit split air conditioner.

The separation of indoor and outdoor units

If you want to maximize your air conditioning unit’s cooling capacity, you must keep the right spacing between the inside and outdoor units in mind throughout the split air conditioner installation. Keep the space between the two as short as possible to allow the coolant in your unit to flow as quickly as feasible. If the interior and outdoor units are greater than 15 meters apart, cooling will suffer substantially.

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