How to Get Your Blood Test Results Online in BC

To stay healthy, you need to eat well, stay active, and also get tested regularly. Several deficiencies, diseases, and other issues with your body can only be determined with the aid of a blood test.

Medical lab results interpretation helps patients in understanding the results of their tests and taking remedial steps under a doctor’s advice. Let us take a look at how medical testing works and how online medical test results might be the future of testing.

When to Get a Blood Test?

There are two main conditions under which a blood test will be ordered. Firstly, a blood test may be ordered by a doctor as a part of a regular health checkup. In fact, there are several annual and biannual health checkup options that include these tests and provide blood test results online. Generally, taking a blood test at least once a year is recommended.

Another condition for taking a blood test could be if you are uneasy or have a disease. Based on the symptoms you are experiencing, your doctor will then order certain targeted blood tests. These tests aim to understand the deficiencies that might be leading to the issues that you are facing.

How Does Blood Testing Work?

Most regularly, blood testing occurs through either venipuncture or arterial sampling. In these types of blood tests, the technician will take a sample of your blood either from your vein or from your artery. The number of samples typically depends on the number of tests you have been prescribed.

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Another type of test is through finger pricking. These tests are mostly a part of take-at-home test kits such as those for diabetes. In this test, a device is used to prick the tip of your finger and collect a drop-sized sample of blood. This test will typically be painless.

You will need to book an appointment online for these tests and should be able to access your lab test results online.

4 Blood Tests You Should Take to Protect Your Health

  • The Complete Blood Count allows you to determine the concentration of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in your blood. It will provide an indication of whether they are within the normal physiological range.
  • The Lipid Panel test is also known as the cholesterol test. The presence of cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol, in your blood can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and this test aims to determine this level.
  • The Basic Metabolic Panel test is a part of any regular health checkup. It aims to determine the level of essential nutrients in your blood and calculate your metabolic rate.
  • The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel test determines the level of six more nutrients in your blood and is able to assess the risk for a greater number of diseases.

The Bottomline

Over the past years, the rise in telemedicine doctors has been prodigious. With Walk In Virtual Clinics, you can engage with doctors online, exactly in the same way as you would in a clinic. Doctors provide prescriptions, diagnoses, and medical lab results interpretation and help alleviate any health issues you might have.

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