How To Get CCNP Certificate For Networking?

To obtain the Cisco professional level certifications, candidates need to pass two exams. They can get a CCNP certification in one or more specialists such as service provider, data centre, security, collaboration, wireless networking, switching, and routing. For 100% guaranteed results, you need to access

About the exams

For testing the skills and knowledge of adapters connectivity issues, BIOS, drivers, booting issues, memory issues, installation, network connectivity, focusing on features like storage and troubleshooting a virtualized computing environment based on Cisco Unified Computing System platform, the 642-035 Cisco is designed. It is associated certification of CCNP DC Certification and Cisco Unified Computing Support Specialist Certification. It is held in English in the duration of 90 minutes. The candidate has to solve 65 to 75 questions in this duration. 

Exams Topics

  1. UCS C-Series Standalone Troubleshooting                                                            34%
  2. UCS Compute Troubleshooting                                                                             13%
  3. Troubleshooting UCS SAN/LAN/VLAN Connectivity                                             12%
  4. Troubleshooting UCS Installation, Configuration, and Startup                              17%
  5. Troubleshooting UCS Architecture and System Internals                                       24%
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How to prepare Exam?

Candidates can easily prepare for this exam with DCUCT Course online. It is the study guide that is designed by the expert faculty. 

    1. It is dynamically useful for those who are continuously worried about their scores in exams. It supports them to stand and prove themselves before the teachers and among their fellows.
    2. Encourages them to improve their skills or help to reduce the fear of getting fail in the exams.
    3. Helps them to cover up the entire syllabus on time and they are readily active for any surprise assessments in the class.
    4. Enables them to perform well and do their best. Enhances their learning power by motivating them with the help of numerous activities and providing them moral and academic support during their studies. 
    5. It helps to improve their conduct positively, towards chemistry, they are learnt to get rider of difficulties, independently.
  • It develops a solid foundation by clarifying the hard concepts of Exam topics.

How to Pass Exam or How to get certification?

There are several ways to pass the exam and clear the paper. If you are sitting at home, relying on your experience to pass the exam, this is not the right solution. You need to join online classes. Most of the students go for heavy books, gather different resources, and memorize them. It does not work all the time.

Moreover, several websites offer dumps and study guides to their clients online, but these are not reliable because they are old and not updated. In this way, candidates cannot pass the exam. Remember, the format of the pare changes every time. So, you must be up-to-date with it.

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The extended video sessions may make you sleep. Get the review material on, practice test, dumps, and others. To memorize hundreds of questions, these resources are reliable and are updated with the latest exam format. In this way, you will get your certification without any hassle. It is simple to access them.


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