How to earn passive affiliate income from Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is the best way to market a product and generate sales. In the whole process of affiliate marketing, a marketer uses different online marketing tools for marketing a product to increase the chances of sales, which includes the sources of blogging, Facebook and most importantly Pinterest. Since Pinterest is such a product that plays an instrumental for you.


if you are an affiliate marketer and associate with large-scale companies to earn huge commissions. So, earning affiliate income using Pinterest can potentially help you in getting more visibility and gain credibility for your service. Well, there is no direct earning process using Pinterest but it’s a tool that helps you in deriving traffic from one platform to another platform for affiliate purposes.


Therefore, in this article, all the crucial aspects related to Pinterest passive income ideas | GO X will be covered which will help you as a marketer. So, let’s get started.



What is Pinterest affiliate marketing?
This is a type of performance-based marketing in which an organisation rewards the affiliates for every prospect brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

How does this type of marketing work?

This affiliate marketing works by the method when an affiliate promotes a specific product on Pinterest and earns a commission percentage from every sale, they make through the referral links.  So, whenever anybody clicks on the link and purchases a product. The affiliate will earn a commission. The more your link is clicked, the more you earn revenue.

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Can we use affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes! There is no restriction in using affiliate links on Pinterest, but there are a few rules that you need to follow while promoting the products. Otherwise, Pinterest may restrict your account if you violate their rules. You can use comfortably use Click Bank affiliate links by creating pins on Pinterest to effectively promote them. There are also some other passive income ideas | GO X, you can use to see different results, if your amazon affiliate links are allowed on platforms.


Can you use amazon affiliate links on Pinterest?

No! You are no longer to use amazon affiliate links on Pinterest for the promotion of products. Because Pinterest changed its rules for affiliate marketing and restrict the use of amazon links.



Is Pinterest worth using as a platform for affiliate marketing?

If you are a person who uses social media and are familiar with each platform, additionally you are an affiliate so, this will be great if you start using Pinterest for your promotion of products. Pinterest will play a decisive role in promoting its affiliate products and earning money.


They create different types of pinboards on their dashboard and attach their referral link to their blogs and other media-sharing platforms to encourage the users to purchase a product from their link so the affiliates could earn money. Most people derive 50 % of traffic from Pinterest by making strategies and effective pinboards.





Using Pinterest will be beneficial for you if you have the following things:


  • You must have a blog with huge traffic, so you could potentially get benefit from Pinterest.
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  • If you are looking for the monetization of the blog so Pinterest can play a vital role in getting your blog monetized within a certain time.


  • It will be beneficial for you if you want to work from home and sell your digital products to earn passive income without doing anything.


  • Pinterest will be appealing to social media marketers since this platform has 1 billion monthly active users. It has a core importance in social media marketing.


Ways to earn passive income from Pinterest?

These are the ways that if you follow religiously, you may be able to generate your passive income as an affiliate.


Join an affiliate program:

The first step is to join an affiliate program. Before choosing any of the affiliate programs whether local or international, you need to certify its authenticity and lucrativeness. If these factors seem propitious, then go ahead and enrol in the program. Once you enrol in the affiliate program.


Carefully select the products, always check the trends, and choose products that follow the demand and supply rule. This will help you in getting a better response from the public. Additionally, you will be given referral links that you will use on Pinterest to earn money.


Click bank, amazon affiliates and Sharasale are some of the famous affiliate programs on the internet.



Make pins containing your referral links:

When you create the pins, it is important to keep in your mind that you always use high-quality images and write SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions. Once you prepare all the pins. This is the right to start promoting.

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Promotion of pins:

One of the best ways to promote on Pinterest is by making boards for individual products or services while you promote.

For instance, if you have got kitchen products like cookers, cabins, and others so while promoting on Pinterest use titles like “Kitchen necessaries” always use a title that indicates the actual product. Now pin the link and attach it to the board.

Join the relevant communities:

Joining communities with similar interests is a great way of promoting. When you join a group, your board containing all the pins will easily be seen by all group members. This will help you to be more and increase the traffic on affiliate links. So whenever click on your affiliate link and make a purchase you will earn a commission.



Sharing the affiliate links with Pinterest:

There are mainly 2 ways of sharing your affiliate links using Pinterest, 1) to insert the affiliate links in your blog post. 2) Direct pinning of affiliate links in your pins.


Attaching referral links to your blog posts:

You can insert the affiliate links in your blog posts by writing a similar type of content. Most marketers write blog posts related to affiliate products or services to earn passive income.

Attaching pins directly to affiliate links:

If you want to speed up the process and want immediate results then using a combination of marketing techniques will always benefit you. You can both use the affiliate links in your blog posts and directly use the affiliate links in the Pinterest pins. Marketing through these ways will enable you to see great results in less time.



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