Effective Ways to Get the Most from Your Prescription Glasses

Once you invest time and money in finding the perfect prescription eyeglasses for your needs and requirements, you expect them to serve you long enough. In most cases, the correct pair will last about a year or two, depending on the prescription.  Unless your vision problem worsens, you may not have to buy new ones until your next eye exam.


But buying prescription glasses doesn’t mean the end of your road.  You want to get good value for your money, and it is possible if you employ the correct measures. Are you wondering about the perfect way to get the most from your prescription eyeglasses without going through a lot? 


If so, you should count yourself lucky since we are here to lend a helping hand.  Here is how you can put your prescription eyeglasses into good use and ensure they serve the intended purpose. 


  • Buy the Correct Prescription Eyeglasses

There’s no way you can get the most from your prescription eyeglasses if you buy the wrong ones. Never make the mistake of buying eyeglasses for the sheer sake.  Remember, there are different types of prescription eyeglasses on the market serving different purposes. And choosing one blindly won’t solve your vision problem. 


Be sure to go for an eye check-up and have professionals examine your vision. Your optician will recommend the best prescription eyeglasses to use.  The good news is you can now buy glasses online from the comfort of your home. Take it upon yourself to do your due diligence and examine what different online eyeglasses retailers offer before settling on one. 

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  • Adapt to Your New Lens Type 

The best Vooglam prescription eyeglasses will always help correct your vision problem. Even though you may feel like you have it all, adjusting to a new lens type can sometimes be stressful. No wonder most people make do with a longer adjustment period after buying their first or new eyeglasses. 


Nevertheless, adjusting to a new lens type is a walk in the park provided you know how to go about it. Make it the norm to turn your head for the first few weeks after buying the eyeglasses rather than moving your eyes left and right. Try to look through the bottom of your lens while tilting your chin up or down to see close-up objects.


There is nothing wrong with seeking help from your online eyeglasses store when having trouble adjusting to a new lens type. Most will be more than happy to offer the assistance and help you need to put your prescription glasses to good use. The earlier you adapt to your new lens type, the better!


  • Prioritize Proper Cleaning 

If you wear your prescription eyeglasses most or all day, the lenses will always pick up fingerprints, dust, and other debris. Failing to clean them from your lens may affect your vision. No wonder you should prioritize proper cleaning of your glasses if they are to serve you long enough. 


You don’t have to go overboard since most retailers that sell glasses online let you know about the cleaning procedure to follow.  Spray the lens with a cleaning solution, after which you can wipe them using a clean microfiber cloth.  Avoid using abrasive cleaning cloths like paper towels as they may damage the lenses. 

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Remember, you may have to clean your prescription eyeglasses while away from home.  Ensure you bring with you the cleaning materials for this purpose. Always follow the cleaning guidelines provided by your online store or optometrist for maximum results.


  • Proper Storage

How you store your eyeglasses when not in use speaks volumes about the duration the lenses and frame will hold up over time. Ignore proper storage techniques, and you may have to buy new glasses online sooner.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go through a lot merely because you want to store your glasses safely. 


New eyeglasses come with a hard case that fit them perfectly. Always use this case to store your eyeglasses when you’re not wearing them as they offer the much-needed protection to the lenses and frames. Do buy a backup case to have an option of your primary case breaks. Things are no different if you forget your primary eyeglasses case. 


Always use common sense while deciding on the perfect ways to store and transport your prescription glasses. If you deem a storage option unnecessarily, there is no reason to stick with it. After all, it might only put your glasses in danger. 


  • Use Both Hands

As obvious as it sounds, you’d be surprised by the sheer number of people who forget all about this when removing and putting on their glasses. The simple details you choose to ignore are what will reduce your glasses’ lifespan.  Use both hands, one on either temple arm to remove and put on your eyeglasses. 

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Even though it may sound like a simple hack, doing this encourages correct alignment. Furthermore, it minimizes the changes to the fit of your frames over time.  Invest in a glasses cord if you buy new prescription glasses every other day due to your negligence. You can then keep your eyeglasses safe in a shirt pocket or hang them from your shirt’s neck. The choice is entirely up to you. 


The Bottom Line 

Putting your new eyeglasses into good use doesn’t have to be stressful as it sounds. The secret lies in taking the time to do your homework to clear all the doubts you might have.  No matter how long it takes to access this information, it will always help you get the most from your prescription eyeglasses.


Ensure you buy them from a leading online store such as Vooglam as they guarantee quality in all their products.  Furthermore, they offer numerous money-saving avenues that you will appreciate in the long run.  So, what are you waiting for before you finally put your new prescription eyeglasses into good use!


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