Cosmetic training is now available digitally with newly launched courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass has started online cosmetic training courses for medical students as well as practising doctors and nurses. These courses cover more than twenty types of cosmetic training, ranging from basic injection techniques to advanced laser and chemical peeling techniques as well. According to reviews, all current and active students as well as students who have already completed any of these cosmetic courses are finding these helpful for boosting their careers.

With digital online education being globally recognized more with each day, online cosmetic courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass are an innovative step in the field of medical learning. Dr Vi hopes to take digital medical education to a global level. He believes that distance should not be a bar for good quality education, and as a renowned and expert cosmetic doctor himself, he wants to make the aesthetic medical field more open and accessible to everyone.

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses will be using live sessions, taught by an expert team of cosmetic trainers. Dr Vi will be overseeing all these courses and will also be mentoring the students himself digitally, with a live session every week. In the courses, Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass will be using only the highest quality of FDA-approved aesthetic medical products to administer on live models and show the students the correct and effective ways to complete the treatment procedure.

Even with the digitalization of education all over the world, any type of medical education can not be completed without practicals. Just theory lessons can not make a trainee fit for practice. The students can also come to Dr Vi’s clinic for practical lessons. The courses are certified and students can achieve certification from the comfort of your home nonetheless.

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Online education is becoming accessible to everyone nowadays. Students are benefitting a lot from digitalization. They can learn any type of skill from any institution even from the comfort of their homes. This is one of the greatest perks of digital education. While this is true, working medical professionals seldom get time to keep up with their fields of expertise, and also polish or touch up their skills.

It is very important in the medical field to keep up with the latest advancements and new treatment procedures. New research and studies are coming out every day and amidst everything, it is impossible to match the pace. One perk of the Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass is that the courses are designed in such a way that not only students but also practising cosmetic doctors and nurses will benefit from them immensely.

Students who have completed any of the digital courses from their homes have also found the duration and timing of the classes very flexible. This is another useful perk of digital cosmetic education. Students have found these to be very helpful in their learning. Visit for more information, and sign up today!


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