Common Causes of a Noisy Garage Door and How to Fix It

Nobody wants to be that neighbor whose garage door echoes through the neighborhood every time it opens or closes. The worst-case scenario is having this scrunchy door in the quiet region of Gilbert, Arizona.

The only consolation is that these irksome noises can be silenced to restore peace and harmony to the garage and the entire neighborhood. How? By investing in the best garage door installation in Gilbert, AZ.

Every homeowner prioritizes convenience, security, and, of course, peace and quiet. In this article, we will help you identify the main culprits for the noise your garage door is constantly making. And, of course, we would provide tips for eliminating this unpleasant noise.

Loose Hardware

Loose hardware is often the primary trigger for the screeching noises made by garage doors. Screws and bolts are likely to unscrew themselves as time passes. This results in rattling and clanking noises.

However, there’s a simple solution for this. Just get a wrench or a socket set and tighten all visible loose ends. Caution and precision are important during this process to ensure that you strike the right balance. If there are loose screws or bolts that you cannot reach, leave them alone and call in the technicians.

Worn-Out Rollers

High-tech doors are usually built with high-quality rollers that minimize noise and enhance smooth operation. If your door is making a grinding sound, there’s a high possibility that your rollers need to be replaced.

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The sounds aren’t the only warning signs you’d get. Wear, cracks, and excessive wobbling are also telltale signs that it’s time to replace the rollers in your garage door.

Misaligned Tracks

The tracks guide the door as it opens and closes, and if they are misaligned, it can result in scraping or grinding noises. Adjusting and aligning the tracks is the solution to this problem.

Carefully scrutinize every inch of the tracks to find bends or dents. If you spot any, quickly grab a mounting bracket and carefully tap them with a rubber mallet to adjust their position. Use a level to ensure they are straight, and then tighten the brackets back in place.

Dry Hinges and Hardware

When the old oils dry out, you’ll begin to hear squeaky noises that will become eerie over time.

Silicone or lithium-based lubes can eradicate these annoying sounds with immediate effect. The lubrication can also help protect the hardware from rust and corrosion, thereby expanding its lifespan.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

The opener is responsible for the smooth and controlled operation of the garage door. If it is malfunctioning or worn out, it can generate loud grinding or screeching sounds.

Call in a qualified technician to perform the necessary repairs. Unless you’re a technician yourself, attempting DIY might not be the smartest option.


There you have it. A list of the major culprits behind the squeaky noises your garage door keeps making. Using the tips we shared, you can easily salvage the situation and give yourself and your neighbors the peace and quiet that you deserve.

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