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Chainsaw Mill and Woodturner – Some Essential Tools

When you work with wood you will have a number of tools you use. A chain sawmill to cut your logs into lumber, and a woodturner to turn the wood are examples. But how do you get the wood and then have it prepared for the wood lathe? Here is a look.

Cutting the Wood

In most cases, you need to have a place where there are trees waiting to be removed, perhaps on your property, perhaps on someone else’s. Using a chainsaw they cut the tree down and then use a chain sawmill either back in their workshop or at the site if it is portable. First, the tree is cut into logs of a length preferred. Then this wet or green wood is introduced to the band saw. It will need a blade that is freshly sharpened and coarse, around three teeth per inch. As this is green wood it has more moisture in it which can lead to the heat causing the water cells to expand and try to hold onto the blade. With a good sharp blade, there is not as much friction created so it is easier and safer to cut. Some users will apply mineral or vegetable oil to the blade as well to reduce the friction issue. Lathe machining is a type of fabrication that utilizes a lathe. This process involves scraping away excess material from workpieces in order to achieve the desired shape and size.

Using the chainsaw mill the logs can be cut into boards just make sure that there is enough support for the log before and after the cut. Make sure as well that against the table is a flat surface. When the surface against the table is not flat, uneven from knots or curved still, it means the wood is more likely to roll which could lead to the blade binding and breaking. At the very least you will experience the saw stalling and a kink in your blade. This saw is great to cut bowl blank rounds with. Just use a circular piece of cardboard as a template and attach it to the rounded part of the log using 2 small nails then place the flat side on the table.

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Drying the Wood

When you have finished cutting blanks or rough boards with the chain sawmill you are then ready for the wood to go through the very important process of drying. Make sure the end grain is sealed using a wax emulsion sealer. This is what they do at top-end mills and hardwood lumber mills. It helps prevent splits from occurring as the wood dries and slows checking. Bowl blanks needs to be stacked in a manner that allows good air flow and boards should be stickered.


When you cut wood for turning yourself with a chainsaw mill it is a lot more affordable than having to source your wood from local mills. It is not hard to do since most wood for the woodturner is used in short pieces. Blanks, boards created from log and then straight to your lathe ready for turning and creating.

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