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Best Website Builder 2022

After doing a lot of research and analysis on 50+ website builder options we came across 14 best website builders that you will be comfortable with.

After hours and hours of dedication and hard work on finding out the best website builder options, we had also come up with ratings and reviews on all 14 options to make sure you can trust our recommendation. 

And among all of this, our only intention is to suggest you a website builder so that within no matter of time you will be able to achieve your goal. The topmost option among all the 14 websites mentioned below is the Fynd platform which is the best overall website builder.

Below you can take a look at all the websites recommended by us: 

Best Website Builders of 2023

Fynd platform – Best Business prominent, self-serve, ecommerce website builder

Wix – Speedy site

Squarespace – Enormous template collection

Fynd Platform – 

Pricing Range: 30 days free trial – max. Rs. 2,499/month.

Fynd Platform Overview – 

Earlier before starting any business you need to be reminded to hire some employees who have powerful information about your business and can launch a website for you.

Other than that the cost of the worker working for you, website making cost and the biggest hurdle to grab all the information about that particular website. 

But now not anymore, this best website builder website helps you to create your website hassle-free. In just a few minutes you are ready with your business website.

The biggest fear that any brand faces is how they will be able to manage their online business, so to eradicate this fear, Fynd platform provides you with a self-serve platform.

Fynd platform allows the user to enjoy a free trial of 1 month so that the user gets used to it the best part of it is that you don’t have to enter the credit card details before using the free trial, you can enter your credit card details on the last day of a free trial

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When we list the pros of this app or website, the biggest advantage of using the Fynd platform app or website is that, whether you take our premium plan or standard plan you can place unlimited products on this platform.

Though as we know Fynd platform is the alternative Shopify, Wix, Weebly but our delivery partner integration is the best of all of these as we make sure that no extra delivery cost is incurred. We charge delivery rates as per the rate chart of the delivery partner. 

The best part of Fynd platform is also that their customer support is much stronger than any website as it provides 24-hours support, so if you have any query you can write an email to them and they will respond to it within 24 hours.

Fynd platform website also provides you with custom domain names so that it doesn’t get difficult for you and they also provide you SEO-friendly attributes. For better transparency this platform also provides Automated Marketing system e.g. Emails and SMS, you can just create any raw message and there are editors sitting on the other side, who will edit that and then send it, which is free of cost. 

When we compare the price range of other website builders such as Wix they charge you Rs. 4800/- whereas fynd platform charges you with only Rs. 2499/- per month. So you can directly compare and analysis what is best and affordable for you.With the end to end logistic support Fynd platform is the best website builder.

Let’s check out some reviews


Pricing Range : Wix charges different prices as per different plans. All together it has paid plans and a free plan.    Its price ranges from the free plan to a maximum of Rs. 4823/- and also they charge custom prices to Enterprises.

Wix Overview

Users think if they do not have much technical knowledge about any website they cannot build it, but Wix has proven it wrong. If you don’t have much technical knowledge then it’s ok. Wix helps you to extend the site reach to your consumers.

At times almost all the users want the site to be fast. Speed works as a major role for all websites. Before you are making any plans, the first and the most important thing you will see is that, when your consumer is placing orders on your site, your site should not be slow as they will move to another site. 

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So, when you are using Wix for building your website, you don’t have to worry. Wix has good speed and its sites work fast. Almost every website builder forms some fewer templates, but Wix website builders come across more than 500 templates to choose from. 

This website shows templates more than any other website builders, whereas when we research some other websites, no website shows as many templates as Wix.

The most important thing that Wix provides us is that it provides us with mobile editor features, which means you can edit things in Wix that will be exactly shown on Mobile phones. 

Wix also provides a Drag and drop facility which becomes very user-friendly for any of your site visitors. Though this Drag and Drop option sometimes shows glitches gradually it helps many of their users.

Wix website builder also helps you with Wix App Market which acts as a plugin for your website, you just have to change some settings and it’s done, that particular plugin has been added to your website. 

Though there are many features that Wix provides , I don’t like that after making all your content and you want to change your content, so you cannot transfer all your content to a different template, so while choosing your template you have to choose it wisely. 

And though it shows that they also have a free plan, when you want to analyse your site and want to track it, you are required to pay for it. Though Wix we find out Wix is the best website builder but because of certain points mentioned above, it takes me backwards to recommend it.



  1. How to Build a Website using Wix?

Ans. We will guide you step by step on how to make a website using the Wix platform in just a few minutes.

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Step 1. Visit Wix Website

Step 2. Select an Appropriate template on which you want to make all the necessary changes.

Step 3. Update all the text and images you want to insert into your website.

Step 4. Add proper Background

Step 5. Add different pages on your website.

Step 6. You can add some apps to download if you want to on your website. 


Pricing Range: From Rs. 1300 to Rs. 4000 per month.

Squarespace overview

Many users use this platform just because of the Squarespace website builder. They add their features regularly as they add at least 1 template every day. They have more than 100 such templates. 

The best feature they have in their platform is the Drag and drop option, because of which consumers find it easy to use your website. Their main recognition is because of their template. 

They have an award-winning template in their list and to use templates you do not require any technical learning. If you want to develop your e-commerce website or your portfolio or blog, this website suggests the best template. 

This platform has everything that a perfect website creator should be. You could find everything on this platform, which a user needs when they create a website e.g. a custom domain name, hosting, email, etc. 

And if you need more add-ons to be added to your website, all are easily available if you pay a higher subscription.


  1. How to Build a Website at Squarespace?

Ans. Do you need some help with your website? Don’t worry! We will guide you to create a website using the Squarespace platform 

Step 1. Choose the template for your website.

Step 2. Build your brand with a unique URL by securing a custom domain name. 

Step 3. Share your story or write a blog post, and add your content.

Step 4. Once your blog or post starts running, it’s time to spread the word on social media by sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and Tumblr. 

Step 5. Now that your website is officially live, keep it up to date by updating the posts and blogs and try to add something new to your website. 

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