A Guide To Effective Reading

Whether you are a student, or a professional, effective reading is an essential way to acquire information. It helps you to improve your comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.

For a marketer, the habit of reading books and blogs can help them boost their creative thinking and enable them to write amazingly engaging content.

Especially for content marketer and email marketer, effective reading is a must have skill. They get new ideas to curate content to engage their audience or the email newsletter subscribers.

As you read ahead, you will find some good ways to read effectively. These techniques can be used by anyone – be it a student reading their academic books, or people who love reading books.

Technique#1 – Scanning

Scanning is a reading technique used to locate specific points by taking a glimpse of the whole text. For example, this approach is popularly used for looking up telephone addresses in white pages.

White pages

White pages are like the modern-day email lookup tools, the difference being that email lookup tools like uses advanced mechanism to locate the correct email format while white pages are used to find people & their contact details.

Besides this, you can use the scanning technique to go through the important points highlighted in a book, or to go through the preface of a book.

Technique#2 – Skimming

Skimming technique is helpful to get an idea of the whole context. Typically, this technique is used to read a magazine or newspaper.

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By using this technique, you can read faster to arrive to the main fact and get over the in-depth information.

With this method of reading, a reader gets a preview of a paragraph before reading it thoroughly.

Technique#3 – Active reading

Active reading is the approach where you will engage with each text as you read.

There are some ways to make your reading more active such as underlining the key phrases while reading, capturing your thoughts in the margin, frequently questioning yourself about the writer’s intended meaning, etc.

Technique#4 – Detailed reading

Detailed reading is amazing for extracting the knowledge or information accurately from the entire content.

Under this reading method, you will read word by word and make sure that you know the meaning of every word and if not, you can refer to the internet or a dictionary to understand the meaning.

First, you could skim through the entire content to get a general idea and then go for detailed reading.

Technique#5 – Speed reading

In speed reading, your focus should be on reading faster without compromising your understanding of the texts.

Some of the strategies you can use to read fast are not sounding out all words, not sub-vocalizing certain phrases, skimming through small sections or repetitive information, etc.

So, these are some of the techniques you could use to improve your reading ability.

Final thoughts

Reading is a very good habit that could change a person’s life tremendously. When you follow the effective reading guidelines, discussed in this article, you are sure to read a greater number of books and feel amused, entertained, enriched with knowledge shared and the experience of the narrator.

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