Managing Screen Time

6 Tips for Managing Screen Time Effectively

Prolonged exposure to light from the screen of your laptops, mobiles, and TVs, etc. is extremely dangerous for your physical as well as mental health. This is why there is a need for people to learn about reducing their screen time in the most effective way.

No matter if you are in a line of work that requires you to sit in front of a computer for several hours, or you just like to spend a lot of time watching entertainment stuff on sites like Movierulz Plz 2021, we have some strategies that you can use to manage and reduce your screen time.

Here are some effective ways you can manage your screen time

  1. Don’t Bring Your Work Home

We understand that sounds a bit cliché but people who tend to work on screens even when they are home have a higher chance of their eyesight getting affected.

You must take on work that you can handle in one workday and if you can’t, you need to ask your company to give you some time the next day. This way you can reduce exposure to this harmful light better.

  1. Avoid Watching Movies & Shows in Bed

It is way easier to get up from a couch or a chair than from a bed. People who watch movies in bed have more tendency to continue watching for longer hours. 

On the other hand, if you watch from a couch and set up an alarm, it will be easier for you to stop watching to give your eyes some rest.

  1.  Reduce Internet Socializing

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You can use social media apps to make new connections and to chat with both your loved ones and strangers. Reducing internet socializing is pretty hard but you can do this by scheduling a time slot for it.

You can schedule phone calls to your loved ones instead to reduce screen time. You can also start watching your own chosen content rather than wasting time by watching pointless related or recommended videos.

  1. Set a Timer

Setting a timer can help a lot in knowing when you have had enough screen time watching stuff offline, or online on sites like kisscartoon rick and morty. If you are on your phone or computer without a timer, you will not realize how much time has passed until it’s too late.

A timer will alert you about your screen time duration and this will urge you to stop using your phone. You can gradually decrease the time from the timer to reduce your screentime by several minutes.

  1. Take Some Other Hobby

Find a hobby that forces you to leave your phone and do something more productive and fun. You can start planting, reading, exercising, learning an instrument, and much more to reduce your screentime.

Hobbies not only give you entertainment but also allow you to be good at something other than your actual job. They make you feel better about yourself and that boosts your confidence and general health. 

  1. Eat Meals Without a Screen

According to a study an average human spends almost an hour from their day eating and drinking. This means if you make this a habit to not stare at your screen while eating, you will reduce your screen time by one hour.

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Doing this simple thing will contribute to your greater health. Not paying attention while eating can also lead to choking and other complications. But you can avoid this by putting your phone aside or eating in some other room if possible.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most effective strategies that you can use to reduce your screen time quickly. People who have used the same approach seem to recommend these all the time. Reducing your screen time improves your health and also gives you an opportunity to spend more time with the people that truly matter.

We hope with the help of this information, you are able to handle this problem better. Reducing your screen time requires you to be determined and responsible and the above-mentioned strategies can help you with that. We hope this stuff helps and we wish you the very best in your attempts for reducing your screen time.

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