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6 Striking Ways- How Incense Smoke Is Intensively Bad for Your Health stick incense, there is no need for a burner or diffuser. This can be important when you need to clear the room quickly for something else.


In society, more people are trying to find a good way of being healthy. One way is by doing incense practices like yoga and meditation. But the air quality from the incense is not good for you because it can make you sick.


The benefits of using incense in mindfulness practices are numerous. If you’ve ever used aromatherapy, you’re familiar with the positive effects that certain scents can have on your mental state. For example, lavender is known for its calming properties while citrus scents are uplifting.


Incense is used in many different cultures and religions all around the world, but it may not be as safe or healthy for your body. Burning incense can make you sick because of the poisonous fumes it makes. We inhale these particles every day, so we should know some facts about its negative effects before using them again. These incenses are now available in

incense packaging which shows every negative and positive aspects of these incenses.

Some people like to burn different scents when they pray at home. But these odors are bad for the body and should not be used every day.

Here are 8 striking ways- how incense smoke is intensively bad for your health

1.It Causes Cancer (Lung, Oropharyngeal and Pancreatic)

Incense is in usage from long period of time for religious purposes in many ancient civilizations throughout the world. However, it can cause cancer if you are exposed to its fumes regularly and over a long period of time. When you breathe in the smoke from incense, your lungs fill up with carcinogens. This is why someone who breathes in the smoke of incense can get lung, oropharyngeal or pancreatic cancers.

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2. Cause Heart Disease

The use of incense in places may cause heart disease. Researchers have found that people who burn incense at home or work are more likely to develop dementia and stroke caused by blood vessel damage than those who do not go near it. According to the researchers, incense smoke contains chemicals that are harmful to blood vessels. They can get an attack if someone uses incense in closed areas or where they work or live.

It can make heart of people more sensitive to any smoke, even aroma smoke can cause your heart beat lower. Incense smoke can cause people who are more sensitive to any form of smoke, even the scent from aromatherapy candles. This lower heart rate causes by a chemical called cineole. You can find cineole in oils like eucalyptus and rosemary.

3. It Can Trigger Asthma Attacks For

People who have asthma will not be able to go to the places where smoke is present in the air. The study also found that incense smoke can trigger asthma attacks in some people with allergies or respiratory problems. The researchers said this is not the first time that incense has a link to air pollution. After that, there was damaging of cells twice as much as those exposed to cigarette smoke.

4. It’s More Dangerous Than Cigarettes

A new study has found that incense smells worse for your health than cigarettes. When people burn incense, it releases chemicals that are also in cigarette smoke. Some brands say their products have more healthy ingredients and can be burned cleaner. But you have to avoid burning the other types of incense because they may have things in them that are bad for you when they get into the air we breathe.

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However, this material makes it harder for manufacturers to sell their product as an environmentally friendly one. But many of them will put their packages into recyclable custom sleeve box packaging. This does not make up for all the bad things that are happening, but it is a step in the right direction.

5. It Can Cause Premature Births

Incense smoke can cause premature births through multiple mechanisms. Incensed emits chemicals which negatively affect the placenta and increase apoptosis, or cell death of cells responsible for transporting oxygen to a fetus. Smoke inhalation is related to preterm birth. Studies show that some people who have this smoke inhalation, they can give birth before time. Scientists aren’t sure if it is just the smoke inhalation or if there might be another reason for this. They need more studies to figure out what is going on.

  1. Smokers Have Higher Death Rates Than Non-smokers.

Smoking and incense burning share many of the same dangerous chemicals. Studies show that burning incenses increase risk of death from cardiovascular disease by hypertension, coronary heart disease and stroke.

Also, smoking results in more deaths than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle accidents or firearm-related incidents. In addition, researchers found that the number of deaths attribute to smoking is almost equal to the combined number of deaths by lung cancer, respiratory disease and emphysema.

Smoking is more dangerous than one may think – the smoke from incense can cause conditions that affect your heart, lungs and eyes. If you are a smoker or have friends who do so, know this: smokers die younger on average.

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Incense is famous for decreasing the air quality of your home. Some people may not like incense in their homes. They can burn it as little as possible. Or they can enjoy the smell without breathing it in by using things that are smokeless, like candles, or oils.

Smoke is injurious in every way. Cooking smoke, incense smoke, cigarette or vape smoke, very smoke has bad impact on human’s health and also in environment. It is considered as pollution which created air severe worst for inhaling. 


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