5 Ways To Save Money On Food And Grocery Shopping

Grocery and food shopping makes a large expense of your monthly budget. Even if you don’t like cooking or frequently eat out, you need to buy at least some basic food items. And, the costs can add up very quickly. So here we have come up with five savvy tips to help you save money on food, grocery shopping.

Don’t Shop On An Empty Stomach:
If you often go to a grocery store hungry, you end up buying more than required. Shopping on an empty stomach misguides your decision-making. Your taste buds would ask you to buy pasta, ice cream, etc., but you will leave exploring the organic section. Moreover, you overspend your budget. So, one of the best tips to avoid this overspending and save money is to visit the grocery store weekly, especially before mealtime.

Take Advantage Of Food Flyers In Canada:

The best tip to save money on food shopping is to use flyers. Browse the best Save on foods flyers, find a local store, and get Herb Approach coupons/promo codes on grocery. You can find flyer categories, including bulk foods, frozen, appetizers, family-size dinners, frozen fruits & veggies, and more! Though Save On Food in Canada focuses on groceries, many stores also have pharmacies, and offer services, like health clinics, nutrition tours, etc.

Buy In Bulk:

With bulk shopping, we mean products that have long shelf lives, like rice, pastas, cereals, and more! This savvy tip can be used for buying fresh items too, provided that you can easily portion them out and freeze them for later. For example, stores like Costco sell bulk packages of chicken at a better value than what you find at a regular grocery store. Be it Costco, Save on Food, or any other store, it is worth it to buy a bigger pack, wrap, and freeze chicken, so that you can use them as required.

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Try Generic:

When you buy store brand items rather than name brands, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Generic brands often use the same ingredients as the branded versions, and are of similar quality. This thing is true for staples, like cleaning agents, baking ingredients, etc. In fact, sometimes generic food tastes better than branded food products. You can experiment to see what works for you in order to save money.

Shop Seasonal:

As the temperature drops, some fruits and vegetables need to be imported from warmer climates. Clearly, their prices increase. Buying food items that are in season is not only cheaper, but these products are also of high quality. During fall, you can go for apples, cranberries, squash, broccoli, peaches, berries, etc. If you are fond of smoothies, soups, pies, jams, or something that can be frozen, pureed, blended, or that you can plan to consume quickly, you can visit the local farmers market. You may be able to find food items at heavy discounts.

These are some of the easiest ways that can help you save money on food and grocery shopping.

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