5 Must Have Summer Wardrobe Updates

According to Who What Wear, leather jackets, pastel colors, sheer fabrics, drop-waist dresses, and work-inspired shoes and bags are all the rage right now. Odds are, these trends will not last long, though.

Spring/summer 2023 is right around the corner. And though we don’t have a crystal ball, we can guess what all the fashionable celebrities and influencers will be buying for their summer wardrobe.

From retro tennis shoes to suits for the summer, S/S fashion shows revealed the top items that will be in store during the warmer seasons. We created this guide to help you figure out which items are a ‘yes’ and which ones are a ‘no’.

Wondering which cute summer clothes, footwear, and accessories to shop for summer 2023? Then you better keep reading because we created this guide for you!

Footwear: Retro Sneakers

From Bella Hadid to Olivia Wilde, everyone seems to be wearing retro sneakers these days. Of course, there are a few that are pulling ahead of the rest of the pack. And, perhaps surprisingly, they’re all from more affordable brands.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Laura Harrier have been rocking vintage-inspired New Balances these days. Try the New Balance 550s for an ’80s-inspired pair that will look great with crew socks and shorts this summer.

Perhaps even more trendy right now are the classic Adidas Samba shoes. Bella Hadid popularized them, and fellow models Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber have both quickly jumped on board. These shoes are unisex, too.

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Air Max 90s have also shown up recently on the feet of celebs like John Mayer and Vanessa Hudgens. These classic sneakers came out in the 1990s. Pick up a pair from kickscrew.com to wear with your grunge looks this summer.

Aesthetics: 90s Grunge

Speaking of grunge, summer 2023 is going to be all about this classic 90s aesthetic. Designers sent tons of grunge looks down the runway. Erdem, Bottega, Max Mara, and Simone Rocha were only a few of them.

To get the look, you need classic grunge staples like holey jeans, oversized hoodies and crewnecks, denim and leather jackets, and flannels galore. Bonus points if you layer one or more of these pieces together.

Yet, there is one major update to this upcoming season’s grunge looks. Unlike the grunge of decades past, today’s version features more polished accessories and hair and makeup looks.

Think heels instead of cargo boots and sparkles instead of hardware. Try for a sleek blowout in place of a multi-colored pixie cut. And keep makeup looks and jewelry minimal to reduce distraction from your new outfit.

Clothing: Cargo Pockets

If there is one single clothing item taking the fashion world by storm right now, it is cargo pants. Monthly searches for cargo pants on Google are at an all-time high, reaching nearly 1 million searches per month.

Designers the likes of Fendi, Versace, and Givenchy have since sent cargo pant styles down the runways. Some looks screamed workwear. Yet, other designers elevated their cargo pant looks for an evening out or a day at work.

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This summer, cargo pockets will grace more than just pants, though. Look for cargo pockets on skirts from brands including Louis Vuitton and Prada’s little sister brand, Miu Miu. Chanel even added cargo pockets to its tweed suits.

Cargo pockets are squarely a Y2K trend. And with early 2000s fashion trickling out of style in favor of 2010s style and the aesthetics of 20th century decades, this may be your last summer to try Y2K styles for yourself.

Accessories: Oversized Everything

Colossal bags, elephantine platforms, and chunky jewelry are some of the top trending accessories for summer 2023. What do all of these accessories have in common? They are bigger and better than ever.

Yet, these accessories are not the only ones getting the oversized treatment this year. SS runway shows have featured oversized monograms, sunglasses, socks, and gloves.

Check out designers like Tom Ford, Khaite, and Saint Laurent for your chunky jewelry dreams. Update your mini bag for summer 2023 with an oversized version from Chloe, Bottega, or Salvatore Ferragamo.

Pair your oversized accessories with equally flowy summer clothing items. Check out brands like Alaia and The Row (if you can afford it) for some of the season’s hottest baggy looks.

Workwear: Summertime Suiting

When the temperatures get hotter, many people turn to flowy dresses, pants, and shirts for work. In summer 2023, you can add a new category to your warm weather dressing: the summertime suit.

Summertime suits come in many forms and styles. You can try the summertime short suit sets of years past. Or go for a flowy, lapelless suit for a work-appropriate look that will also catch a breeze.

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Designers like Reformation and FARM Rio sent linen suiting options down the runway. Choosing summer-friendly fabric options like linen, cotton, and silk are great ways to get into this trend in 2023.

Another way luxury brands are updating suiting for summer is with color. Try trending colors like lavender or blood orange. Every single shade of blue is also trending for summer 2023; it’s the perfect hue to keep the heat off your back.

Want More Tips to Update Your Summer Wardrobe?

Your summer wardrobe is not complete without a pair of Air Max 90s and a linen shorts suit. Add in a dash of grunge, a heavy sprinkling of cargo pockets, and a healthy dose of oversized accessories for a trendy 2023 look.

Want more tips for updating your wardrobe for summer 2023? Browse our fashion and beauty articles for more posts like this one!

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