Why Is My Toilet Bubbling When the Shower Is Running?

If your toilet bubbles when you are showering, it indicates a problem in the drain line. When your toilet makes noises, it is sucking or expelling air because there is a blockage. Nothing is more annoying than a blocked toilet. If you do not act swiftly, your bathroom can shut down and lead to an awful blockage of sewer lines. Connect with professional plumbers in San Jose to prevent any stress because they find the real problem and fix it in no time.

  • Clogged Vents

The purpose of vents or vent stacks is to allow sewage gases to escape and air into the drain line so that flushing or draining the water does not empty the “P-trap” placed at the extremities of the tub or sink and toilet drains. When a vent clogs, airflow restricts. Debris, insects, leaves, and even dead mice can jam it up.

  • Drain Clogs

A clog in the drain pipe is driving negative air pressure back up the line. Blocked air will make the toilet bubble. 

  • Faulty Plumbing

Your bathroom may have incorrectly built vents or no vents that lead to the blockage of a toilet. Get in touch with a professional for a drain cleaning in San Jose.

  • How to fix it?

Remove anything floating in the water or anything trapped in the toilet. Use a plunger to unblock the toilet. Make sure the plunger completely covers the drain opening. Additionally, ten to twenty plunges are enough to know if the blockage releases.

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Moreover, you can try using baking soda, peroxide, and salt. These can act as an active cleaner to clear any blockage. If any of these does not work, get in touch with an expert  who does everything from these types of plumbing repairs to water heater installation in San Jose.

  • Conclusion

A blocked toilet is an unpleasant experience. It needs an immediate fix by expert plumbers. They know the job as they know plumbing repairs, including water heater repair in San Jose. The plumbing system is important for the proper functioning of the house, and you cannot ignore the on-time repair.





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