Which Home Insulation Material is Best For Your Home?

When it comes to home insulation, you have many choices. Fibreglass, Cellulose, Spray foam, Airflow baffles, and more are all popular materials used in home insulation in Ottawa. Learn which one is best for your home by reading this article. Also, learn about different types of insulation and how they will work to reduce energy bills. Once you’ve chosen a product, you’ll be able to choose a contractor and schedule your project.


If you’re looking for an energy-efficient home insulation material, fibreglass may be the ideal choice. With its low thermal conductivity and acoustic qualities, fibreglass offers a variety of benefits for homeowners. In addition, this material is free of hazardous chemicals and can be easily moulded to fit any shape or size. Its plastic construction is also very durable, while its sand reinforcements help it to resist fire and water damage.


If you are considering installing home insulation in your Ottawa home, consider cellulose. This product is a great option for homeowners who would like to make their homes more environmentally friendly. This material is composed of recycled newsprint and newspaper. It has an R-value of around R-4 per inch. It is also resistant to mold and insects. This type of insulation is blow-in into a home’s cavity. It can be installed over existing insulation or over the top of it. Click here to learn more.

Spray foam

If you’re in the market for a new form of home insulation, consider spray foam. This innovative, environmentally-friendly form of insulation is one of the most efficient on the market and boasts one of the highest R-Values per inch. Its application process involves a mix of liquid agents sprayed into existing holes or cracks. The chemicals in the foam react with each other to create a dense, expanding foam that seals the building envelope and maintains its R-Value for many years.

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Airflow baffles

For many homeowners, airflow baffles are a necessary part of their home insulation in Ottawa. The baffles provide a path for air to enter the attic, helping to prevent air from clogging vents and creating a draft. They are also an important part of a well-insulated attic, keeping it cool during the cold winters in Ontario. And they prevent condensation from forming when attic insulation meets a home’s Roof Buddy NZ.

Cellulose injection foam

Thermo Cell Industries’ cellulose insulation is made from 87% recycled paper fibres and treated with non-toxic fire-retardant additives. Its R-value is 3.8 per inch and complies with CAN/ULC S-703-09 standards. This environmentally friendly product also reduces the need to cut trees and CO2 emissions from landfills. Ottawa home owners can save up to 20 percent on their energy bills by installing this type of insulation.

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