Where Is My Boyfriend Right Now?

If you’re always curious about where your partner is, that’s not a good sign. Tracking his whereabouts unanimously is a sign of broken trust. But sometimes, there is no other way left. 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are reliable ways to find my boyfriend. Let’s discuss how you can know where your boyfriend is all the time.

What Can Make You Track Him?

Although it might sound like something you should not do, you may have to locate iphone by number and track your boyfriend’s location often. Here are few reasons why:


It is critical to maintain track of your guy while in a relationship for safety reasons. As you never know what might happen next, you may want to keep tabs on your boyfriend’s whereabouts by tracking his phone.

Several situations, such as theft or accidents, might occur at any time. However, if you utilize a boyfriend tracker software to keep track of your boyfriend’s location on a regular basis, you can save him from potential dangers.


In each relationship, trust is essential. Nothing beats love when it is built on a solid foundation of trust. However, there are ups and downs in a relationship and as a result, you may no longer trust your spouse.

If your trust is shaken, it is one of the most important aspects that will make you feel uneasy. And females like you are easily worried about it and wonder where my guy is right now. Monitoring your boyfriend’s GPS whereabouts is therefore critical for developing trust.

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Every relationship confronts problems since disagreements are an inevitable aspect of life. However, when this becomes more often in your life, you may grow concerned that these arguments would cause your partner to cheat on you.

As a result of the infidelity element, you get highly depressed, prompting you to look for the finest boyfriend tracker software to answer your query of how to monitor my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.

How To Do It Easily?

If you are wondering how I can track my boyfriend’s location without him knowing, you are in luck. To know where my boyfriend is, you can use eyeZy. It tracks your boyfriend’s phone’s real time location using GPS technology and you can tell where your boyfriend is at any time. eyeZy provides highly accurate location information including latitude and longitude with accurate date and time info.

You also see your boyfriend’s detailed route history so that you can understand where he frequently travels and by which route. The built-in map is very easy to read so you can tell where your boyfriend is all the time.

You just need to enter your email address, choose which operating system, and pick a subscription plan. They have only one plan which is called Premium. You can either pick one-month, three-month, or one-year plan. Whatever you pick, you can find your boyfriend’s location effortlessly.

What Else Can You Try?

Besides using eyeZy, you can use another old school method to locate my boyfriend. If he is using an Android device, it can easily operate as a boyfriend tracker. 

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All you need is a Gmail account that your boyfriend’s logged in on his device. If you can’t get the password for you boyfriend’s Gmail, just try logging into yours on his device. Just make up some excuse for it. Then you can use your Gmail to track his location. 

Go to google.com/android, logging with the email, select your boyfriend’s phone and you can see his location.

If your boyfriend uses an iOS device, go to Go to Settings > his username > Family Sharing > Location Sharing, then turn on Share My Location. And you’ll be tracking his every location in no time.


If you believe your boyfriend is engaging in questionable behaviour behind your back, eyeZy will come to the rescue. You may track his whereabouts around the clock with the use of the eyeZy software, along with any other relevant information you may require.

With the eyeZy app, you can find your boyfriend in real time round the clock with all the other relevant information you need.

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