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Weekend trips from Berlin, Germany

Everyone loves traveling. Whether it is a month-long vacation at any tropical paradise or a short weekend trip from time to time, we all seek some fun time away from all the hassle to refresh our soul and mind. Seek out bliss and unplug yourself from the pressures of society by going on a weekend trip. The following are some of the best weekend trips from Berlin, Germany, to some of the perfect hideaways. These places are a great break for a weekend full of chill, relaxation, and peace of mind.

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Top travel tip for all the itchy feet

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Weekend trips from Berlin, Germany

Badenweiler, Black Forest

Badenweiler is a small town on the edge of France and Switzerland borders in the Black Forest, Germany. This destination is a perfect getaway that is easily accessible from the German capital. It has castle ruins, natural beauty, significant landmarks, and some other beautiful places for you to explore. This place is not only beautiful but also quite affordable for any traveler. There are plenty of eateries to enjoy dining in with your loved ones. Plan a weekend trip to Badenweiler and enjoy an amazing time with your family or friends.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen needs no introduction to any traveler. The capital of Denmark is also known as the ‘City of Spires’ due to all the important landmarks and its association with royal Danish history. You can easily take a flight from Berlin on a Friday night, and in two days you can effortlessly explore almost everything this city has to offer. Visit Tivoli Gardens, Statue of the Little Mermaid, Botanical Gardens, Zoological Gardens, dine in any restaurant, shopping at Strøget, 17th-century waterfront namely Nyhavn, and other amazing activities. The friendliness of the locals will refresh your mind, and make you return to this city in no time.

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary is an ancient town in the Czech Republic. It is a great weekend escape for everyone in Berlin. Set off late on Friday and enjoy two great days in this beautiful town. The streets have a unique aura that will relax your mind. Beautiful fountains, spas, restaurants, beautiful homes, and parks also add to its beauty, and will make you fall in love with this Czech town.

Antwerp, Belgium

If you love the idea of exploring partial water towns, Antwerp should top that list. This Belgian city will make you fall in love with it in no time. There are many places to explore, food items to try, things to do, see. A weekend trip to Antwerp is an amazing idea, and I highly recommend you to take some friends along for additional fun.

Faschina, Austria

If you are an outdoors person and admire natural beauty over any cultural European town or city, you need to visit Faschina in Austria. This part of Austria is naturally beautiful, and a gem that needs to be explored. Although you may need a little more than two days to completely explore Faschina, a weekend trip is still doable. Hike in the lush green hills and if you visit this place in winters, you can also do skiing and skateboarding. There are many mountain lodges and resorts for you to stay. Make your time in this beautiful destination valuable by exploring it.

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Cologne, Germany

You can board a train bound for Cologne from Berlin on a Friday night and enjoy the best weekend of your life. The train ride will take you from the banks of River Rhine, which is undeniably beautiful. Take snaps all along the way, but make sure you have ample battery charging and memory space to cover your trip. There are many places in this beautiful city to see such as Cologne Cathedral, Bruhl Castle, Cologne Chocolate Museum, Phantasialand, and etcetera. Try to cover as much as you can in your short trip.

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