Web Development in WordPress Vs Joomla and Advantages Disadvantages

Today we’ll look at a small but simple comparison of the basics of WordPress vs Joomla to know. Both are content management systems (CMS) and . both can be extend by plugins, which you can find on the internet. So you should know that WordPress and Joomla can be use to create amazing websites.
WordPress has a large community of volunteer developers, . while Joomla has many commercial plugins developed by professionals. One thing is clear, they both have a large user base with an active community where they share tips and tricks. They are free to use and many . web hosting providers offer them as an option in their . self-installed web tools section.
What are the differences between them? What are the differences that will help you choose between the two?
WordPress is a great platform for beginners and is the most popular CMS today. , WordPress is a blogging system, .yet , you are not limited to a blog, you can also create websites with static pages.
With Joomla, speaking of another topic, for example,. creating a navigation structure will be easy,. and once you understand how it works,. it will be even easier, and for this reason, you don’t need to must knowledge of html programming. You can set articles to expire after a certain time, . the author’s name, breadcrumb trail, etc. If you need to create a community or . network with a members area, forum, newsroom, articles, external author contributions, etc., then. Joomla is a good choice because it is make for that purpose.
As for the rest, we have been talking about Joomla and there are many video tutorials on YouTube. Joomla has a built-in multilingual feature and works very well, although it is not that simple. First, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions to make it work. Type “multilingual Joomla” into the YouTube search box and you’ll find what you need.

Answers to your questions

are easy to find in the WordPress support forum community. Many of their themes have their own forums in case you need help with specific features. both Joomla and . WordPress have many resources to help . you learn how to use the system, although . due to the size of the WordPress community, . there are many more resources for people using the CMS than there are for Joomla.
Not all the plugins that exist for . WordPress are easy to understand, so it’s not a bad idea to call in a professional . web developer in case of an emergency. By using these plugins, you can extend its functionality and make it as complex and large as you want it to be.
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WordPress vs. joomla

Pros and Cons

  • Open source.
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  • Easy to install.
  • Customizable.
  • Cost of maintenance.
  • Complexity of customization.
  • Easy to install.
  • Powerful extensions.
  • Wide range of user permissions.

Advanced customization.

  • Not so SEO friendly.
  • Joomla is very strict in creating modules or components (you can’t . download files and activate them via FTP, . you have to do it by installing extensions), . while WordPress uses plugins that you download and activate via FTP, . or through the same manager it brings. Both use almost the same technology for updates.


For beginners, Joomla takes a little longer to learn. After evaluating your needs and seeing . what you will use your site for, the vast majority of the time, WordPress will be a better choice than Joomla.
In all categories, WordPress is the clear winner for beginners. WordPress is a clean and easy to use system. Beginners can get started and you will be able to create a website or blog much faster. If you plan to design and manage your website without help, choose WordPress for your CMS needs.
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