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Top 5 Ways High Instagram Likes Can Benefit Your Brand Marketing

For many businesses, Instagram is a platform for brand marketing. There are many reasons why Instagram is surpassing other platforms for effective brand marketing.

To begin with, thousands of years are always on Instagram. Most young people prefer Instagram to Facebook or Twitter for their daily diet of social media. Second, Instagram has changed over the years to become more attractive. Everything from the user interface to the in-app features have been greatly improved. Instagram has successfully managed to attract the attention of billions of people, a large part of whom are young. No big surprise brands love Instagram for all their advertising needs.

Let’s explore how more likes on Instagram can benefit your brand marketing.

1. Other people know about your brand

More likes means more people know and recognize your brand. With this straightforward measurement, you can undoubtedly diagram how well your image is developing. When you see an increase in your Instagram likes, this is definitely good news for your brand and business.

Don’t hesitate to aggressively market your Instagram brands. Ask people to like your page so they get regular updates. Create content that will impress the audience. That way, people will automatically come to your page and give you more likes and comments.

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2. You get more credibility with more Instagram likes

Let us understand this point with a simple example.

Let’s say you look at a coffee brand on Instagram, and see that their page has only 300 followers. What are your first thoughts on the number of followers? You might think this is a small business. You might think that this is just the beginning and that you have to make a name for yourself. Even if you think differently, you won’t have the impression of coming to a booming coffee company.

Similarly, if your page does not have enough likes, it loses credibility. Instagram has no ‘dislikes’ feature, but the low percentage of likes in your posts indicates that many of your followers are not interested in your brand. You will come as a new person who is just starting out. Worse, you can come up with a brand that has never grown.

3. You want to connect with top influencers

An important part of Instagram marketing is connecting with famous Instagram influencers. To get in touch with top influencers, your brand image must be trustworthy. It directly links to the previous point where we talked about how more likes means more authority. In some cases, you can even buy Instagram favorites to add to your brand credibility. You get a fair return on a small investment.

The best influencers will not want to work with a brand that has some followers. This is bad for their business and brand image. You need a lot of likes in your posts to get top influencers interested in your brand.

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4. You have the opportunity to interact with your followers

Instagram has many useful features for brand marketing, including live videos, stories and short snippets (reels). These features allow you to connect with your audience in real time. The more you like Instagram on your posts, the more effective your interactions will be. With very few likes, you will have a hard time keeping up with your followers.

5. You can sell directly from Instagram

Instagram lets you post ‘Purchasing Posts’. This new feature allows your followers to purchase products or merchandise directly from Instagram. Shoppable posts will send users to your online store, where they can buy whatever they want. The more Instagram likes you have on your posts, the more likely it is that sales will come from purchasing posts.


Brand marketing via Instagram is growing in popularity every day. If you are having difficulty finding your way through this, consider using the services of an expert such as  Sociallygo. With its vast collection of tools and features, your brand marketing will be better than ever.


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