Game boxes manufactured from cardboard stock not just keep your games secure but also empower you to make your existence felt. Multiple layouts, sizes, and styles are available to intensify your product presentation on the retail shelves. They can be made with compartments or collapsible designs to stun the audience with exemplary unboxing experiences. Easy to assemble, and ease of handling can be brought about with the introduction of various handling mechanisms. They come with a window-cut design that helps you seize a win over your competitors. You can also customize them in various aesthetically pleasing designs to create maximum in-store appeal. State-of-the-art digital printing is used to display technical product detailing and creative animation in an artistic way. For adding a tint of exclusivity to the printing designs, add-ons like matte or gloss lamination could be used.

Cardboard game boxes have been around for several years, serving the purpose of protecting board games packed inside. The so much flexibility in design compels people to transform these simple packages into something really fun and inventive. These game packages are turned into creative toys, games, and fun activities. Let us talk about five of the best games that are made from these cardboard boxes.

1.      Roll and Count:

Roll and count with a pom-pom is a famous game which all the children love to play. It is great to develop some special motor skills as it is all about the right balance and coordination. Its original version is quite expensive that might not be affordable for everyone. People are now making this game with used custom game boxes made up of cardboard.

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The idea is to remove the lid of the packages and start reducing the size of side walls up to a certain measurement. A perfect size would be the one in which the pom-pom does not get outside upon shaking the box or container. The lid part is used to make the small rolls that are hollow from both sides. These rolls are attached to the base of the box with a good adhesive. They are then printed out with numbers of alphabets in random order. The toddlers can practice rolling the pom-pom into the rollers by identifying the correct alphabet or numbers’ order.

2.      Marble Labyrinth Game:

In the marble labyrinth game, a pair of knobs are used to roll the marble through the maze in such a way it does not fall into a hole. It requires great hand and eye coordination and develops the skills of patience and determination. The custom printed boxes with lids can be used to make this game at home. The lid is cut with a knife in a size that fits precisely on the inner walls of the box. The lid part is designed with a pattern of the labyrinth game with the help of craft sticks. The holes are made easily into the cardboard by tracing a coin and cutting it with a knife. A hole on the bottom side’s corner is also made to get the marble out if it drops down into one of the holes.

3.      Sailing Boat:

You probably have heard the famous story of Noah’s ark from the Bible. It had small portholes on the sides for animals to see outside. This giant vessel also had a roof but no sail. The used cardboard packages can be utilized to create a similar ark having a sail. The cuts are introduced on the sides of packages to let the toy animals sneak peek. The sail is made from a fabric in a triangular shape that is attached to the cardboard-built mast with the help of safety pins. The game also has a door on one side that lowers down to act as a ramp for the animals to enter.

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4.      Indoor Golf:

Golf is usually an outdoor game, but in this pandemic situation, it is hard for the children to go outside and play. The used cardboard packages offer a fine way to devise an indoor golf game for the kids. The flaps of the cardboard boxes are cut, and they are turned over to cut out multiple arches. These arches are large enough to let the toy golf balls pass through comfortably. The flaps of the boxes are used to make the hosel of the golf stick. The children feel very creative when playing such a game.

5.      Marble Run:

An epic marble run game can be created with a large used cardboard box or by joining two cardboard packages. The craft sticks are used to create a marble run pattern. At the bottom of the track or pattern, paper cups are attached with the help of tape or glue. This pattern is often a puzzle and requires a great head to land marbles directly into the paper cups. For sending the marbles down the track, this cardboard game requires to be inclined against a solid surface.

When you have empty cardboard boxes lying around, you always have the option to turn them into interesting games packaging. The possibilities of turning them into some playful games are endless, and we have shown you five famous ideas in this guide. Marble run and indoor gulf are some most famous games that are made from these packages.

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