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The Best Time to Perform Umrah Is the month of Muharram

The month of Muharram marks the start of the new year in Islam. It is one of the most blessed months in Islam and Muslims really love this month. Though they do not celebrate Muharram as the death of the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) happened in it. Muslims all over the world mourn in Muharram, especially in the first 10 days. They feel guilty about their loss and Shia Muslims also tend to beat themselves. On the 9th and 10th of Muharram, Muslims also fast from dusk to dawn. One day of fasting washes away the sins committed day and night for an entire year.

Umrah in Muharram

Muslims in a large number head towards Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah pilgrimage. It is the best time to perform this pilgrimage as Allah (SWT) will really appreciate your motive. In this month Muslims can get unlimited blessings and rewards from Allah Almighty. Moreover, if you are in front of Kaaba performing Umrah then it will double your reward. Do not get worried about going there! A lot of travel operators are offering amazing August Umrah packages and deals at the lowest possible rates. Take advantage of their discounts and embark on the precious journey of Umrah in the Holy month of Muharram.

No doubt, this is a month that both Sunni and Shia Muslims mourn. But still performing Umrah this month would be extremely beneficial. Imagine being close to Allah Almighty, seeking forgiveness, praying, and crying for the loss of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A). Allah (SWT) will shower His infinite blessings on you and will double your rewards. He (SWT) knows your heart so make it pure and full of grieve in front of Him. Perform all the rituals of Umrah and try not to make any mistakes. Allah Almighty knows your intents and that’s why it is necessary to make your mind crystal clear.

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Begin Your Islamic New Year with Umrah

Starting your new year with Umrah is a blissful act. Allah (SWT) will know that you consider him more important than any other thing in your life. And that you have traveled all the way to Masjid Al Haram to execute Umrah. Beginning your new Islamic year with the name of Allah Almighty will not only brighten up your day. But it will also make your whole year full of benedictions. Fasting in this month holds immense importance, you can undertake Umrah being in the state of fasting. It will multiply your rewards and efforts.

Muslims feel blessed if they get a chance to perform Umrah in this special and holy month of Muharram. Don’t miss the chance of performing Umrah at the start of the Islamic New year. You can obtain cheap August Umrah packages at a low cost from renowned travel agents. In the month of Muharram, they also offer special deals and discounts to their prestigious customers. They try their best to make their journey a successful and budget-friendly one.

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