The best fitness apps for the iPhone in 2022

The best fitness apps for the iPhone in 2022

When connected with the correct software — or applications — your iPhone may be a useful tool for losing weight, improving fitness, eating better, and reducing stress. We combed the app store for the top iPhone apps to help you keep healthy and fit, no matter how busy you are.


We scoured the market for the finest fitness applications in a range of areas, including weight reduction, jogging, yoga, strength training, and health and wellbeing.


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Weight Loss

The potential health advantages of exercise aren’t always enough to motivate you to step out the door or onto the trail. The applications listed below are designed to provide you with yet another compelling reason to exercise, whether it’s the possibility to earn virtual badges, a chance to win real rewards, or simply the potential of looking and feeling better in your own skin.


Nike’s official app, which is accessible for free, features a library of 30- to 45-minute workouts based on your objectives and fitness level. Nike has teamed up with Nike Master Trainers to give sleep, recovery, and attitude workouts and programmes. For gym-style training, you’ll also have access to on-demand classes and whiteboard workouts. The app includes how-to videos that show you how to do each workout and even allows you to post your achievements on social media. Nike regularly updates this app, so you’ll now find free Medball Crush and Straight-Up Abs on the lineup, as well as additional professional weight-training and yoga recommendations. You may now schedule your exercises and create reminders using updaters. Choose a date and time for your workout, and we’ll give you notifications so you can prepare.

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Carrot Fit

Carrot is an artificial intelligence architecture that uses threats, inspiration, mockery, and bribery to encourage you to move. It’s an ironic motivator with a seven-minutes-in-hell workout that requires you to complete 30 seconds of 12 gruelling exercises — and will berate you if you don’t. Warning: If you go too far from your weight targets, Carrot will become enraged and call you unpleasant things and make you cry. So, please, be a good, obese, lazy meatbag.

Argus: Calorie Counter & Step Tracker

Argus is a meal planner and exercise tracker in one that keeps track of your sleep, heart rate, calories, and more. Fitness challenges are available in the app, as well as the chance to create your own workout schedule. To track your calories, you may also enter the food you eat by scanning the barcode on the label.

Calorie Counter – Lose It!

Lose It keeps track of your food consumption as well as your exercise activity. The software calculates an appropriate net calorie intake based on your height, weight, age, and weight objectives. A revamped and streamlined camera that integrates the barcode scanner and food picture recognition into a single view is included in the updated versions. The app’s premium tracker now includes saturated fat, and recipe ingredients are sent to the Apple Health App as individual food items. Simply aim the camera at a barcode or food item, and it will recognise it and record the nutritional information. You can add meals using a button on the log screen. Meal Settings now allow you to create a fixed calorie budget that will not vary, as well as hide meal targets from the Log Screen.

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MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker has a database of over 11 million foods, making it easier to keep track of what you consume. It also has a step counter and a barcode scanner, so you can keep track of your entire diet. The app allows you to keep a food journal to better understand your eating patterns, scan barcodes, record meals and recipes, and track your diet with its Quick Tools. It also keeps you motivated by providing you with guidance, recommendations, and support from its fitness community.


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