Some Good Reasons To Visit The US Virgin Islands

Some Good Reasons To Visit The US Virgin Islands

One of the most appealing factors about visiting the US Virgin Islands is that you do not need a passport to get there. They became an extension of America in 1917 so within no time,  you could be enjoying your rum-filled vacation on one of these peaceful islands! There are over 50 islands in total but with only a driver’s license or state ID you can experience the beauty first hand.

There are only three major islands that offer something for tourists. St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix Islands are the islands to choose from. Keep reading below to learn more about these islands. 

First, you need to book your stay with a creditable place.  If your looking to visit St John, Windspree Vacation Homes have beautiful homes and  St. John villa rentals available. Choose either a luxury villa, family vacation home, or cottage that suits your budget. Windspree Vacation Homes help you plan your vacation at its best and will coordinate a rental car too.  

St. John Activities


St. John offers you a plethora of fun activities. There are many unspoiled beaches here. Never miss the Caribbean fantasies along Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Maho Bay. It doesn’t mean that you should overlook the beauty of Honeymoon beach, Jumbie Bay, Salmon Bay, Francis Bay, and Leinster Bay. 


The best thing is all these beautiful beaches are accessible through hiking. There are more than 20 hiking trails that will lead you to either historical attractions or natural wonders. 

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Never miss the historical attraction petroglyphs from where you can get to know about the inhabitants, the Taino Indians from the mysterious ancient rock carvings. You will be trekking out to this place along the Reef Bay Trail. You will get the chance to view the ruins of four colonial-era sugar estates. 


If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, St John is the best place for it. More than 40% of the park is underwater which offers you different snorkeling spots where you can find more than 500 species of fish and 40 types of coral.

If you forgot to bring your snorkel equipment, you can easily fine a place to rent equipment and enjoy the vibrant surface beneath the sea. Trunk Bay has a snorkel trail, where you can get a great snorkeling experience from Hansen Bay, Haulover Bay, and Watermelon Cay.

Traipse Around

When you are not in the mood to trek or enjoy underwater, you can still enjoy your day traipsing around the wide range of shops and boutiques in Cruz Bay. Explore the handmade collection of jewelry and artwork and gifts in Mongoose Junction. 


You can enjoy your mornings with the stunning views of sunrise from Coral Bay since it faces east.

Annaberg Plantation Ruins

Annaberg plantation ruins are still there which were run by the slave laborers during the colonial era. This is located to the north of St John and nearby to Francis Bay beach and Watermelon Cay. 

Floating Taco Bar

Lime out is St John’s first floating taco bar, and you will be thrilled to enjoy the delicious tacos and cocktails from there.

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