Signs of Issues with Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a vital component of every house. Most houses with a garage use it more often than their main door to enter their homes. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your garage door functioning correctly for your own convenience. With regular use, it is expected that a garage door may need some timely maintenance or repair. Unfortunately, homeowners do not think it necessary to call a professional to inspect a garage door. It is essential to identify the early signs of garage door problems so that they can be fixed before the issue becomes major. By delaying the inspection and regular maintenance, you only add to the cost of repairs or replacements later. A dysfunctional garage door is also a safety hazard, with hundreds of people losing their life to a faulty garage door. To avoid costly repairs and replacements later and to ensure everyone’s safety, it is imperative that you identify the signs of a problematic garage door. This article lists some of the common problems in a garage door so that you can get it fixed immediately.

  1. Squeaky Sounds

All garage doors make some noise while operating. However, if the noise becomes unbearable, it is a sign that your garage door is malfunctioning. Depending on what the issue is, the noise may vary. For example, if the springs are faulty, the corresponding sound is similar to grating or rumbling. Similarly, a popping sound while the garage door is operating indicates that some sections of the garage doors are unable to open or close smoothly. Any squeaking or rustling noises indicate problems with hinges, railings or springs that need to be replaced.

  1. Problems While Opening or Closing
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An obvious sign of garage door repair is that the garage door refuses to open or close like it used to. Sometimes it may open halfway before closing again or refuse to follow the command of the controller. This shows a disconnect between the machinery and the control panel. There is an easy fix to this by re-establishing the connection; however, it is better to be done by a professional. Contact a garage door service and repair company near your location to get them to visit and check your door properly. Neglecting this issue can prove quite dangerous since it increases the probability of garage doors accidents.

  1. Sagging

Sagging of garage doors refers to the imbalance between two ends of the door. It is recommended to check and test the balance of a garage door at least once a year. It involves manually opening and closing the door to check if one side is leaning more than the other. If the garage door is out of balance, it must be immediately repaired; otherwise, there is a risk of one spring becoming more weathered than the other. It could cause the stressed spring to snap, which may cause the machinery to fail and your garage door to fall on the ground with the thud. This also poses a grave threat to the safety of those near it.

  1. The Door Comes Off the Tracks

Garage doors are fitted to operate within the tracks that are placed on either side of the door. The rollers help it to run smoothly, and if they come off the track, it could potentially be dangerous. This could happen if the horizontal and vertical rails are misaligned, the lift cables snap, the rollers wear out or break, or if a vehicle runs into the door. Irrespective of how it happens, it has to be repaired immediately; otherwise, it could seriously injure those who operate it.

  1. Increase Power Bill
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Garage doors are one of the largest and heaviest moving equipment in a house, which has a lot of impact on the insulation system of the entire house. If the garage door is malfunctioning, it may not seal properly when closed. This can affect the insulation by allowing heat to escape or cold to enter the house. Automatic garage doors may also consume more energy to operate if there is a problem with them. All of these factors may affect your energy bill and raise it significantly. By repairing your faulty door and regular maintenance, you can keep your energy consumption at a minimum.


A garage door is a considerable investment, and you expect it to work efficiently for years to come. To ensure that you get the proper return of investment, it is recommended to schedule regular maintenance at least once a year, especially before winter begins. If you notice any of the above issues with your garage door, schedule an appointment with a garage door company to have them come and look at it and do the needful.

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