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How to fix the error: NVIDIA cannot connect in Windows 10, 8 or 7.

Video games are booming on PCs, along with graphics cards from manufacturers like NVIDIA. These graphics cards have greatly increased their price due to their high demand, but despite this, many consumers have decided to buy one of these graphics cards to enjoy their video games. However, the fact that NVIDIA graphics cards are very popular and expensive does not mean that they are error-free. In fact, one of the most popular is: NVIDIA can not be connected. (Unable to connect to NVIDIA)

In general, NVIDIA graphics cards or video cards do not usually cause problems in Windows computers because once a specific driver is installed, everything should work properly. However, sometimes when using them, we may receive an error message stating: NVIDIA cannot be contacted.

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This error mainly occurs when we open the official NVIDIA GeForce Experience application, which is part of the NVIDIA graphics driver and allows us to customize the graphics card to accommodate specific video games. Is. This tool can also be used to update the graphics drivers of your NVIDIA card.

Sometimes this error also displays a message indicating that you are checking your internet connection as this may be the cause of the error. Obviously 99% of the time the error is not due to lack of internet, however, you have to check your connection before performing this solution which we show you in this post.

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That said, below we show you step-by-step how to fix the error: NVIDIA cannot be contacted on your Windows computer’s graphics card:

Method 1: How to fix: NVIDIA cannot be contacted by checking the NVIDIA network service.

Many services are automatically added when we install the official NVIDIA GeForce Experience program so you can get them from the default Windows Tool: Service Manager. So, when we open this tool, you will see a service called NvContainerNetworkService.

This service is responsible for helping NVIDIA GeForce Experience connect to the Internet. If for any reason this service stops, it will cause an error. NVIDIA cannot be contacted. So we should check if this service is running or not.

To do this you need to use Windows Search: services.msc. This will show the Services option in the search results. Click on the tool window to open it automatically. In this window you need to locate the service: Search for a service called NVIDIA NetworkService Container. Double click on this service to open its Properties window.

In this window, you should check that the status of the service is displayed as Running.

If the status of the service is not running, you need to activate it by clicking on the Start button. Once started, apply, and don’t forget to click the OK button to save changes.

Method 2: How to Fix: NVIDIA cannot be contacted by reinstalling the NVIDIA graphics driver.

The previous method should completely fix the error, but it can’t happen. In this case, the last available solution is to reinstall your NVIDIA graphics card drivers. To do so, you just need to access the following link to download the driver specific to your graphics card model: Download the NVIDIA graphics card driver.

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Once you have installed the new driver for your NVIDIA video card, the error should no longer appear and everything will start working properly.

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