List of Different Types of Candles Used for Candle Making

There is a long list of candles that you can choose from based on your needs. However, if you try to know deeper about these candles then you will notice that all candles are different from one another as they are made with a different wax. There is a different type of wax used in candles whether you buy it from a store or make it yourself at home.

There is different type of candle wax in stores, which also includes blends, among them all the most popular one is paraffin, which is also called mineral wax, soy, and beeswax. Coconut wax is a new wax included in the option that is gaining popularity. However, do you know which one is better and best among all of them?

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Not all candle wax is easy to be used each one of them contain pros and cons that need to be remembered well. List of different types of waxes used in candle making:

  • Paraffin wax:

It is one of the most expensive waxes that is mostly used by a wide range of candle brands. It holds a high amount of fragrance and colour. It is suitable for making many different kinds of candles like pillars and containers as it has an option for the melting point. It is not considered the most eco-friendly type of candle wax.

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It has another con that if it is not given the best care the paraffin candle can create soot.

  • Soy wax:

Soy wax comes in the mid-range wax that burns slow which makes it valuable. The wax is made up of soybeans and is eco-friendlier than paraffin wax. It is a byproduct of the soya bean industry, there is also an increase in concern about deforestation, pesticides, and fertilizers used for the process.

The wax is not so easy to be used. It does not hold much of fragrance and colour, it can be a pro or con according to the fragrance you prefer in your candle.

  • Beeswax:

Beeswax has been one of the oldest forms of candle wax. It is one of the options for eco-friendly candle wax as they are made from the bees during the process of honey making. Beeswax contains a sweet and natural aroma which is a great way to purify the air.

Beeswax is hard, and a solid wax that is used often as a blend for container candles or to make candles that are not scented.

  • Coconut wax:

This is a new candle wax that is harvested from the coconuts. Coconut wax holds colour and fragrances very well and also has a clean burn, which does not have any soot in the final product. These are the most expensive candle among the bunch.

You now know enough about the different candle wax that you can use for your candle making.

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