Introducing Catalog, the First Ren L0-Based Application

An essential step toward realising this ideal has been accomplished by launching the Ren-based Metaversal exchange, Catalog. Aiming to construct the most secure cross-chain DEX on the market, Catalog will have built-in liquidity mechanisms and CEX-like features that will enable users to trade assets across the most prominent blockchain networks in a user-friendly and efficient manner.


Catalog plays a significant part in the design of the Ren L0 by aiding in the building of the foundation for the protocols and applications that will be developed on top of the Ren blockchain, which is now under development.


 Catalog development is now underway, and the fruits of Ren Labs are starting to yield fruit, so let’s take a look at what this means for the ecosystem as a whole. 

In partnership with the Ren team, the Layer 1 Design 


The catalog project is the first to be created on top of Ren L0, and it is being planned to ensure that the protocol expands adequately. This requires, among other things, generalizing the logic so that it is less application-specific, researching and testing alternative incentive systems, and improving the tools infrastructure.




One of the company’s objectives is to provide retail customers with an experience more familiar to their tastes. It is intended that this seamless experience will be extended to integrators, enabling them to get access to more liquidity across a broader range of supply chains. 


To be more specific, Catalog’s Boundless Liquidity mechanism allows for native asset pools. It uses the liquidity available across third-party DEXes, regardless of whose blockchain they are built on. After everything is said and done, Ren will be able to support a greater variety of activities without being hampered by financial constraints.

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Incentive Structure 


Adapting Ren’s incentive structure to meet the needs of a diverse variety of applications is crucial for progressing it to the level of Layer 0. In combination with this design, the use of Catalogue allows the team to test a variety of concepts and ensure that all actors get beneficial incentives once Ren L0 is in the production process. Much work has been put towards making Ren neutral and adaptable to various applications, ensuring that it is well-positioned to prosper in a multichain world.


With various helpful features that will appeal to both experienced DeFi users and newbies, Catalog is a worthwhile addition to any DeFi library. 

Features of Catalog 


  • Quickly, safely, and securely transact in fungible and non-fungible assets via any blockchain safely and securely.
  • The absence of gas and the low, flat-rate trading cost ensure that there will be no more outrageous, unexpected, and baffling gas costs.
  • Profit from the cryptocurrencies you keep in your Catalog account without having to stake them or make any contributions to liquidity pools.
  • Using the address bar, you may send assets to other users simply by typing their username into the address bar.
  • It is expected to provide seamless on- and off-ramp experiences and the option to link a bank account for fast deposits and withdrawals, among other things.


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