How to setup an Orbi WiFi system?

What is an Orbi WiFi System? It is a high-tech system that consists of an Orbi WiFi router and one or more than one Orbi satellites. Just read this article for Orbi login.

How to set up the Orbi WiFi system?

  1. Visit and download the Orbi app. Launch the app now.

This is the first time you have launched the app. You will now be asked to create the NETGEAR account. Get ready for Orbi login. Your NETGEAR account will allow you to register NETGEAR products. You can now post to the NETGEAR community, and you will now be able to receive email support as well as product offers.

  1. Once you have logged in, click GET STARTED!
  2. Click ENABLE CAMERA AND SCAN. Now scan the QR code visible on your screen on the base or sleeve of your Orbi router. Now click CONTINUE button.
  3. Select the product you are looking for as well as the number of Orbi satellites in you system for Orbi login. Now click CONTINUE and bingo!
  4. How to start you modem?
    1. Where is your modem? Can you find it? Well, once you have located it, just click continue. 
    2. Now unplug the modem you have and click the Continue option.
    3. Now just plug your modem back into the plug. Lights will stabilize in some time. Just wait. Now click the CONTINUE option.
  5. How to connect your WiFi system?
    1. Connect the Internet port of your Orbi router. It is of yellow color. Orbi router’s yellow Internet port to your modem’s Ethernet port using the included Ethernet cable.
    2. Take the supplied power adapter and plug your Orbit router into an outlet.
    3. Your Orbi router will start soon.Orbi login is easy now.
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Your Orbi router’s ring LED will now pulse white during start up and then will become solid white. Wait for five minutes.

  1. Now you have to plug all of your Orbi satellites into outlets. Remember that they should be in the same room as your Orbi router. You have to use the power adapters supplied.
  1. Now come back to the Orbi app for Orbi login and click CONTINUE.

You can see a progress bar appear on the screen when the Orbiter Router you have is starting up.

  1. Connect to the default WiFi system of your Orbi router
  2. Click Continue

The page named Personalize your settings will appear.

  1. Click NEXT.

The create WiFi network page will appear.

  1. Choose any OrbiWiFi network name, also known as SSID, and password
  2. Click NEXT.

You will use these network name and password in order to connect different devices to your OrbiWiFi network.

You will see SET UP ADMIN LOGIN page.

  1. Choose your Orbi router’s admin password then tap NEXT.

You use these credentials to access your Orbi router settings.

We recommend choosing a password that is different from your OrbiWiFi password.

  1. Tap NEXT.

The Set Up Security Questions page displays.

  1. Two security questions will appear in a drop down menu. Answer the questions. Now click NEXT.

In future, you will use these questions to recover your Orbi login ID and password.

  1. You can allow suggested WiFi networks if your mobile device prompts you to do so.Your mobile device connects to your new OrbiWiFi network.
  2. Click CONTINUE

It’s now your Orbi Router’s turn to check whether your firmware is up to date or not.

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This is going to take maximum 5 minutes.

  1. If the system finds new firmware, tap UPDATE and the updated firmware will get instelled
  2. Click NEXT.
  3. All Orbi satellites should be in their permanent locations.
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