Husky puppy

How much should you feed your Husky Puppy?

Feeding a Husky puppy is a very complicated process. It starts with making a decision about kibble versus wet food, and whether it should be fed as a raw or home-cooked meal. It comes with many flavors, dozens of food brands, benefits, textures, types, and recipes. Also the feeding plan, charts, meal sizes, and tables. The feeding process might overwhelm you. The changes in feeding a husky puppy will happen gradually.

The number of meals they will have a day and the portion size for each sitting have to be appropriate with the age. With a little consideration, it becomes easy to make it right.

You own the Siberian husky by paying for the Siberian husky price in India, after having your husky you need to feed it the right way.

How to make an abrupt change in your puppy’s diet?

It was advised that you should feed your husky puppy with the same food brand that was eaten before. But sometimes they even adapted to the new diet very well. Even if you change the food brand of some husky they will adopt it. But you need to do this gradually once a week or two that prevents any kind of stomach upset and diarrhea.

You might change the diet of your puppy, if you want or when your vet recommends it. Check the puppy stool to see if there are any kind of problems. It is very easy to check because there will be a lot of poop. In the first few weeks, the husky puppy will sleep, eat, poop, socialize a very little bit and repeat. You can also go for the German Shepherd, by paying for the German Shepherds price in India, that follows the same principle as that of the Siberian husky.

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Swapping Puppy Food Brands

As your puppy moves into your new house and meets the family, it becomes quite more excitement. The excitement will translate into more stress hormones; this upsets your puppy’s tummy.

Researchers have shown that many big changes can diminish more helpful bacteria from the pup’s gut.

So here are a few steps that you can do:

  • Get more probiotic supplements for your dog
  • Feed the brand to your puppy once daily for every two weeks.
  • Continue feeding the original food that she gets from the breeder.

You can stick with many probiotics and start mixing the newly chosen puppy food with old food. You can increase the amount over every course within the duration of seven to ten days.

You can leave the old food completely and the husky puppy’s digestion gets accustomed to new diets.

As you switch with two completely different diets, the transition period needs to get longer- two weeks or more. The puppies need tons of high-quality protein, as their bodies grow and they develop muscles. As you pay a lot of amount for the Siberian Husky price in India, therefore it is very important to provide proper healthy nutrition food to your puppy.

The AAFCO recommends more than 22.5% of protein for your puppies. Other nutrients are also important, Calcium and Phosphorus are needed for healthy bone growth, and the ratio should be 1:1, and should not be 2:1. It supports the husky to develop immune systems, the puppy food also contains lots of vitamin E.

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