How do I Choose Right Dry Fish Cleaning Table?

Every experienced cook or craftsman knows the significance of a sound and reliable workstation. Therefore, fishers who consume their catch would likely use a fish cleaning table that allows their fish prepping process to be swift, easy, and clean. 

Fish Cleaning Tables: The Basics:

Understandably, fish cleaning is a time-consuming activity. However, using a suitable cleaning station can reduce the time used in descaling, deboning, and tidying up the mess. When choosing your following fish cleaning table, we suggest looking at three distinct factors: portability, surface materials, and add-on features. 

Permanent vs. Portable:

For those who regularly do fish prep at their home, a permanent fish station is a perfect option fixed directly on your patio or dock. Permanent stations usually have additional features, such as water sprayers or cup holders. Permanent stations are often heavy and can resist other elements as they are meant to stay in one place. 

On the other hand, if you go on fishing trips or like to spend time at a basin, portable tables are affordable and lighter. Furthermore, they can be folded and transported easily as well. However, they may not be as durable or long-lasting. 

Surface Material:

You may be allured by the prestigious dry fish cleaning table that promotes butcher’s block surfaces. However, we favor traditional stainless steel or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 

Wood or butcher’s block surfaces are very permeable, so there is a high chance that they would entrap water and bacteria. Along with being heavy, they also require frequent maintenance, making them more challenging. 

However, it is easier to tend surfaces of stainless steel (as seen in a professional kitchen) and HDPE. These materials are FDA-cleared for contact with food and won’t rust or deteriorate over some time. 

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Furthermore, watch table surfaces with tiny cracks or fissures around the screws or joints. These little spaces lead to bacteria growth as they are hard to scrub. It is better to search for tables with a wholly flat and transparent surface. 

Add-on Features:


A sprayer, tool drawer, or cup holder can be an attractive touch. However, a sound fish cleaning station doesn’t need any added features. 

A few standard features that a fish cleaning table may include: 

  • A sprayer or sink: Few dock-mounted fish stations come with a sink and spout to speed up the cleaning process. Others may feature a sprayer that can be attached to a hose. 
  • Knife rack: Specific tables have an integrated knife rack or removable holders. Ensure a proper storage container for conveyance, as most caddies cannot hold knives.  
  • Storage shelves or drawers: Even though shelves and drawers can add to the portable fish cleaning table’s weight, they are suitable for storing valuable bits and pieces. 
  • Cup holder: These are very helpful when using the table on a hot day. Just make sure not to use knives while drinking water! 

Final Verdict: 

In conclusion, a sound dry fish cleaning table provides ample space to use knives, but it’s advisable to keep yourself safe while using your fish cleaning station. 


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