Fabulous stair runners waiting for beautifying Your House

Carpeting wooden or concrete stairs is not only a simple and attractive way to renew and increase the aesthetic value of these structures, but it also offers some practical and safety advantages that will be detailed in this post, along with indications on the placement of the carpet on the surfaces that make up a staircase.

The Use of the Best Resource

This decorative resource is useful when dressing an old staircase, helping to hide the wear suffered by time or lack of maintenance, investing just a few hours of work.

Another point in favor of stair runners carpeting is that its surface texture helps prevent slip accidents, which can be frequent when the steps are uncovered or covered in moisture.

Likewise, rugs go a long way in cushioning shocks from falls and reducing noise when climbing or descending on them. It is also a solution that provides more comfort and warmth to that part of the house, allowing its inhabitants to walk barefoot.

The Right Carpet for the Stairs

Once it has been decided to carpet a staircase, the first job will be to measure the area to be covered, taking into account that the width of the carpet is wide enough to cover most of the steps, exposing approximately ten centimeters On each side.

As for the length of the carpet, and if all the steps are equal, it is measured through one of them, including the tread (horizontal surface), riser (vertical surface), and the recesses. Stair landings should be measured separately and then added to the total.

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Subsequently, the measurements obtained are multiplied by the number of steps that make up the staircase. It must be measured carefully to know the exact amount that will be needed. As the rugs are sold by the meter, it is advisable to buy a little more in case problems arise during their installation.

Another point to consider when covering a staircase with carpet is the selection of the material, since there is a variety of products from which you can choose, taking into account quality and prices.

The Present Day Scenario

Currently, you can choose between rugs made with natural fibers or synthetic fibers. In the first group, wool, coconut fiber, and sisal stand out, which provide quality fabrics, more pleasant to the touch and resistant, as is the case of wool covers, which last between 10 and 15 years if a good job of cleaning and maintenance is done.

In the field of synthetic fiber rugs, their main feature is a more accessible price than those of the previous group, although their durability is lower. This category includes nylon or acrylic products.

Straight rods or round wood or metal moldings that will be placed at the joining angles of the stair faces should also be purchased in order to better fit the mat on the surfaces and at the same time offer more security.

Last Words

Once the accessories and the carpet with which the ladder will be covered have been purchased, it must be enrolled at least one day before the laying process and left to ventilate.

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Meanwhile, the ladder can be prepared for the placement of the carpet. For this, and using a drill, two holes must be drilled in each tread about 15 millimeters from the riser. Then the dowels are placed inside the holes. After having allowed the carpet to ventilate for 24 hours, it is rolled up again and its placement on the upper step of the ladder begins, unrolling only part of it.

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