day 2 tests

Do the government check day 2 tests? 

All foreign visitors visiting England are required to adhere to the law upon leaving. Depending on where you have been in the last 10 Days and whether you have received vaccinations, several regulations follow while travelling to England from another country. Before booking, make sure to test at the right time. Select the appropriate test for the situation, like the day 2 test.

The situation when you need the day 2 test

Following are the conditions when you should book the day 2 test.

  • Test right away if you are experiencing symptoms.
  • You might need to Test as part of a screening testing program if you are in a specific high-risk environment.
  • If you are in a region with a medium or heightened COVID-19 Community Level or are in contact with someone at high risk for severe COVID-19, you may consider testing.

Things you should know before the test

Experienced people always advise useful suggestions. Always remember the following points before getting the day 2 test.

  • Wait at least 5 Full days following your exposure to COVID-19 before testing if you were exposed but did not have any symptoms. You risk acquiring a bad result if you test too soon.
  • The findings of a person’s viral test for SARS-CoV-2 are unaffected by their immunization history.
  • In high-risk congregate settings, screening tests can offer crucial information to prevent transmission and epidemics.
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When to book the day 2 test for travelling?

The day 2 test requirement, which also implies that it must take on the second day following returning to the UK, is still causing a lot of uncertainty. The day 2 PCR travel test can take any time within two days after returning to Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, or Wales, not just on the second day.

Information for Passenger Locator Form

After placing your day 2 test and day 8 test orders, you will also give a unique Test Reference Number. Before travelling to the UK, you must enter this reference number on your Passenger Locator Form. Once you book your tests, the team will specify which number you must input on your Passenger Locator Form in your confirmation email. Thus, you must order your day 2 test before travelling to the UK.

Are day 2 tests inspected by the government?

Yes, the day 2 test is announced by the government. It is a mandatory test for people arriving in red-list cities or countries. The government requires your negative day 2 test report certificate with other documents. Then, they will allow you to take a flight.

Day 2 test from Official Rapid Tests Only

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