Commercial Construction Types

Everything revolves around the design, building, or renovation of profit-making structures when it comes to commercial construction. Contractors use heavy equipment funded by developers, local governments, or property owners.

Developers compete for contracts by submitting proposal bids. Hence, the more accurate the plan, the better chance they will win the bid. But in commercial construction, you can find different types, each playing a role in the industry.

These can be various projects, from an office or high-rise building to a restaurant or home.

1. Small Scale Construction

Commercial construction can be remodelling, renovating interiors & exteriors, to fixing a sewage system. These projects are shorter and do not need a big crew or equipment. A good example is customizing treehouses as beds and breakfast to live the high life. On the other hand, it can be renovating the restaurant’s interior to give it a facelift. Click here to learn more.

2. Medium Scale Construction

When it comes to commercial medium-scale construction, it can be upgrading a business or expanding one. The projects are a bit more complex compared to the small-scale structure. Sometimes people want more stories added to their building. Hence, it can take several months with a larger crew and heavy-duty equipment. An example can be adding a water park project to a mall to adding floors to a retail outlet.

3. Large Scale Construction

These projects include building hotels, skyscrapers to airports. Most of these projects are funded by the government or commercial development companies as they are megaprojects. You need large teams and equipment to create multiple stories on large landmasses. It is a long-term construction that can take years to complete. A good example is building an airport with domestic and international gates.

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The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Construction

When you look at commercial and residential Hannon Civil construction, it makes up part of the private infrastructure. Yet, both have different financial backing, equipment needs, and job site sizes. Contractors bid on contracts for office spaces and more in a commercial building.

The worksite ranges from small to large, and it can be several stories high with steel frames as support. Hence, you need heavy-duty equipment from excavators to a bulldozer to move material. On the other hand, residential construction is building a house, townhouses, and condos funded by developers or homeowners.

Materials used are mostly wood, and concrete, with small frame structures. Residential construction varies in size, using small to medium-sized equipment like front loaders, mini excavators, and compact loaders. Still, it depends on how big and modern the house needs to be.

Wrapping it Up

Commercial construction involves more than what meets your eye. It takes planning, bidding, and getting the right equipment and technology to keep it well-oiled and running. For example, suppose you plan to have commercial construction done. In that case, the important thing is to choose a construction company that can handle your project without breaking the bank.

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