GP in Melbourne

Becoming a GP to Work in Melbourne

A lot of people want to go to Australia to get a job as a GP for good reason. It is a good country to live in and the system of payment for GPs is a very good one. It has one of the best health care systems in the world and offers comprehensive and quality care in the form of both private and public health sectors. As well as GPs you have paediatricians, surgeons, and many other roles in medicine. A GP is a General Practitioner the equivalent of a family doctor. There is a lot of demand for health care providers all over Australia and there are plenty of GP jobs in Melbourne, Victoria. If you are willing to leave cosmopolitan areas there is even more demand, as rural areas are screaming out for GPs with a lot of positions not being filled. Here is a look at coming to Australia as a GP and what the position entails.

Applying to work as a GP from another country

It is not an overly complicated process to apply for a Visa and work as a GP in Australia. A person’s primary qualification should be from another country, not from Australia to do it this way. There is a lot of support for people wanting to work in the country and it is not just for GP jobs in Melbourne, Victoria, there are other positions including a demand for skilled nurses. There are both permanent and temporary options as well. You could work in Melbourne for a time and then go back home when you feel your adventure is done. If you go to an area where there is a lot of demand you can get the benefit of sponsored employment for as many as 4 years. It is important to note that any doctors trained elsewhere must meet certain standards and requirements before they can practice medicine in the country.

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What is a GP?

As mentioned a general practitioner is one who works in general medicine, so called in some countries a family doctor. Doctors who look for GP jobs in Melbourne, Victoria are the first contact point for people who have a health concern, are hurt or ill. It could be a person of any age, from the youngest of babies to the very senior and anywhere in between. A GP will see a range of different health issues and medical conditions. They can also choose to have further education in certain areas of interest, for example in men’s health specifically, or in paediatrics. Just a few of the services provided by a GP in Australia include;

  • Healthcare co-ordination
  • Diagnosis of conditions and sicknesses
  • Treatments for those concerns
  • Health and medical check-ups
  • General medicine practice
  • Prescribing medications
  • Intervening when there is a concern of a medical issue
  • Family medicine practice
  • Offering lifestyle advice
  • Giving information
  • Offering nutrition advice
  • Referring patients to specialists if needed
  • Managing conditions both chronic and acute
  • Ordering medical and screening tests
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