AA Meetings in Miami, Florida – Understanding Health Complications Stemming from Alcohol Abuse

For many former alcoholics, the use of a Sobriety Calculator is imperative as they like to celebrate each moment of freedom from alcoholism as a moment of victory and personal achievement.

Ill-effects of drinking

Imbibing has consequences – both short- and long-term. Governments all over the world have been harping on and on about ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ as even a few glasses of alcohol are enough to slow down your reaction time, making it extremely dangerous for you to get behind the wheel. Many fatal accidents have happened due to this, and the sad part is most of them could have been avoided if the driver had taken a cab or controlled their intake.

Let us understand the short-term consequences of drinking.

  • Slow reflexes and coordination
  • Reduced brain activity 
  • Restlessness and lowered inhibitions
  • Blurry vision
  • Panting and breathlessness

At AA meetings in Miami, Florida, you will find several members talking about DUI (Driving Under Influence) issues.

Alcoholism has many long-term complications too. Many of these remain hidden for a long time before surfacing.

Some of these are:

  • Brain, heart, and liver defects
  • Increased diabetic complications
  • Increased risk of getting mouth, esophagus, liver, or breast cancer
  • Damage to vision and nerves

In your local AA meetings, you may find some members talking about facing bone loss issues due to drinking.

Startling Stats

  • One of the leading causes of death in alcoholics is heart disease.
  • In 2013, around 50 percent of Americans aged 12 and above who died of liver disease had an alcohol-related problem.
  • Close to 90,000 people die of alcohol-related health complications each year. 
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All of these are preventable. If you find yourself incapable of stopping when it comes to drinking, you can attend an AA meeting in Miami, Florida, and find support in your fight against this addiction.

Getting Treatment

Your addiction will determine the course of treatment best suited to you. Each alcoholic undergoes a de-addiction and recovery process that is tailor-made for them. 

They first go through medical detoxification in which their body is slowly weaned off alcohol. As this may involve their facing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, they are given medicines to counter these nasty side-effects by a qualified medical professional.

The next step is rehabilitation. This is of two types:

  1. Inpatient – in this intensive program, the individual resides in a medical facility for a specific period of time and is provided with round-the-clock professional help.
  2. Outpatient – this program allows individuals to reside in their own homes while participating in a supervised alcohol recovery program.

Alcohol addiction recovery is an arduous and long process, and you have to be totally committed to sobriety if you truly want to leave it behind you. Many ex-alcoholics swear by the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous, which they say provided them with guidance to take control of their own lives and apply the positive techniques and methods they learned in meetings and therapy to their present life.

For more information about Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings visit https://www.aa-meetings.com

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