Recover From Cocaine Addiction

5 Great Ways To Recover From Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a very addictive drug that stimulates the central nervous system from the coca plant found in South America. It is useful in many medical procedures, but it becomes a very addictive recreational drug when manufactured into powder. Cocaine is a dangerous drug that affects both the user and their family. There are many reasons why one individual, like a teen, would even think of using such a drug. Some of the most common reasons could be mental health problems, family issues, early age trauma, etc. Even peer pressure is a common reason for teens using cocaine. Addiction can lead to many severe problems. The most common side effects of cocaine addiction are severe health problems, including nosebleeds, inflamed nasal cavities, lung damage, etc. 

The most challenging phase for an individual, not just for teens in cocaine addiction, is eliminating the drug usage from daily life. This removal eventually leads to severe depression, exhaustion, irritation, etc., in the user, which causes problems for both the user and the community. Drug addicts can recover with sufficient care and support from family members and rehabilitation centers or focus groups.

Five ways to recover from Cocaine Addiction

According to NIDA, there are many ways to counter cocaine addiction. We can generalize them into two primary ways to treat cocaine addiction: medication and therapy. Luckily, the Delphi health group is a rehabilitation center that helps addicts overcome their addiction; they have many treatment options for all addicts. The first step in any drug abuse recovery, especially cocaine addiction, is to know that there is a problem. When you know that there is a problem, you can find a solution. Although the treatment for cocaine addiction is more therapeutic than pharmaceuticals nowadays, medication for other diseases and symptoms has shown encouraging results in addiction treatment. Let us discuss five great ways to recover from cocaine addiction: 

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Pharmaceutical Approach

No specific medicine is present in the local cocaine or cocaine addiction market. But hopefully, there will be some news shortly that proper cocaine addiction medications will develop. Although results from different medications show promising leads in treatment for cocaine addiction. But the main problem occurs when the user discontinues the use of drugs. 

The need for users to consume cocaine again and avoid relapsing are the two key concerns pharmaceutical companies aim to solve for cocaine addiction. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to help patients by testing new medications; It’s not that no other medicines work for cocaine addicts. But when taken off a particular substance, many addicts get angry or feel compelled to use it again. According to research by Kyle Kampman, many medications like Beta-blockers and muscle relaxants are used to calm the user after withdrawal.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, has been the best counter cocaine addiction in recent years. CBT was developed to treat people with alcohol addiction but has shown excellent results for treating cocaine addiction. This therapy type helps drug users by teaching them to recognize situations that could lead them to relapse and avoid them. They learn better and more effective strategies to deal with difficulties that arise during withdrawal, such as depression and exhaustion, and they assist them in coping during those difficult moments. The users learn about the after-effects of cocaine withdrawal. Still, they are also educated on the early signs of drug relapse and taught the skills to self-monitor whenever they face such situations. The best thing about CBT is its application with other therapeutic or pharmaceutical treatments, which can help take full advantage of multiple treatments.

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Contingency Management (CM)

Now that we have discussed the best option, let us discuss the most proven option. Contingency Management or CM, also referred to as Motivational Incentives in some places, is the most proven and helpful therapy approach known for cocaine addiction treatment. What makes it so proven more than the other types. When you tell patients that you can earn rewards if they stay clean, users are bound to stay clean. In this therapy, users receive rewards based on their test results. The better the test results, the bigger the prize. If they can stay clean long enough, patients have rewarded only exchangeable points for other rewards like movie tickets, dinner at fancy restaurants, etc.

Therapeutic Communities (TC)

Another great way to help cocaine addiction is to get them the support of others like them. Therapeutic communities are highly effective residential places where drug users looking for treatment can live for 6 to 12 months with Medical professionals who constantly monitor the patient’s progress. In these communities, users can also interact with other patients and get better together. This supervision can work in two ways. The patient gets supervised in a residential place like a professional medical care center (inpatient basis). Another way is that the patients can live in their homes. A trained medical professional supervises them daily (outpatient basis). But the main advantage of living in a community is that drug addicts can support each other. They can also get helpful services like career counseling, legal assistance, and mental health services.

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Community-based recovery groups 

Last but not least, let’s talk about the lesser-known type of therapy. Community-based recovery groups are focus groups that give cocaine addiction patients a 12-phase recovery program. That helps patients during recovery and the early stages of the cocaine withdrawal period. The advantage of community-based recovery groups is that patients can help each other with supportive companionship and communicate and deal with other social problems and issues.

Final Thoughts

Cocaine addiction has been a severe issue multiplying over the past few years. The addiction can cause problems for the user and the loved ones surrounding them. There should be sufficient checks and balances to limit such substances and assist people who wish to improve. The best and most straightforward way to control addiction is to educate the country’s population. So that cocaine addiction can be caught early, not only after having harmful side effects. 

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