5 Alarming Facts Why You Fall Out Of Love

According to an astrologer in New York, falling out of love can be a terrifying feeling. It feels like you or your partner have less interest in each other and do not feel happy about spending time together, even though you still care about them.


This might sound like you are not with the right person or in the right relationship. One might also feel that their relationship is decaying, but the truth is, having that “falling out of love” feeling is completely normal. It might be the effect of the movement of planets from one sign to another and from one house to another.


The astrologer in New York can explain why people fall out of love and what that means. Let us take a look on common issues regarding love problems-


Communication Issues


Communication problems can sprout at any time in a relationship and can appear for many reasons. They can be so minute that you may not notice them but, if left unnoticed, they can cause such damage to the relationship that it might be difficult to salvage it later. Most relationship failures can be traced back to some communication breakdown. Most couples therapy focuses on understanding the root cause of a communications breakdown and re-establish open and meaningful dialogue within a relationship.


Unhealthy or Poisonous Patterns Of Behavior


Communication in a relationship extinguishes when our existing patterns of behavior and communication methods are unhealthy or have a generally toxic effect on our relationship. Researchers have recognized four main ways in which communication in a relationship can become unhealthy or damaging. Relationships have been an additional reason people usually fall out of love because they’ve faced hardships and difficulties for a prolonged period of time which has strained their relationship with one another.

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You Feel Unappreciated


According to astrologers in New York, one of the key reasons people fall out of love is that they are not appreciated. It can be possible that the partner doesn’t appreciate you any more. You don’t feel appreciated, respected, or valued in the relationship. For instance, it can be hard to feel truly loved if your partner no longer compliments you or looks at you the way they used to. Lack of gratitude, or even acknowledgement of your accomplishments or work can lead to this stage in a relationship.



Unrealistic Expectations


The debilitated state of the planet Venus is one reason there can be discord in the relationship, which causes discomfort or the following problems. One of the most unrealistic expectations that partners have is that conflicts will never occur in a good relationship. Some partners erroneously believe that they should avoid conflict at any cost for a relationship to work. This thought process is only building your relationship for failure in the long run.


Your Partner Betrayed You


Another reason that causes people to fall out of love is that their partner betrayed them. They break the trust. The reason can be that your partner was unfaithful to you, had an emotional affair, or never kept their words. Love often goes away when the trust is gone. The effect of the planets causes such circumstances that even the person fails to understand why this happened. It can be challenging to love someone after physical or emotional infidelity as you may question their true feelings about you. It can also be challenging to feel that you can confide in this person, count on them, and feel safe and secure in your relationship with one another.

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With the help of expert astrologers, one can know the reason behind this fallout and find remedies to revive them.



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