5 Advantages of Working From Home

Up to 92% of Americans work remotely at least one day per week. Why is this method of working so popular? It has to do with the many ways working from home benefits American workers.

Read on to learn about five of the benefits one gets from having a remote job.

  1. Comfortable 

The home office is far more flexible than the work office. Remote workers can tailor everything to suit their individual needs.

This is extremely advantageous to those with disabilities. People with narcolepsy, for instance, may need to move to stay awake. They can also use anti fatigue mats to help them stand while working.

There’s also the joy of wearing what you want when you want. Even your pajamas aren’t off the table. Just be careful not to wear them during virtual meetings.

  1. More Productivity 

Remote benefits aren’t just worker benefits. Businesses can benefit as well. A remote employee completes more assignments on average than an in-office employee.

This has to do partly with the time a remote worker saves. They don’t have to spend time on a commute. They can spend that time working instead.

An in-office environment can also be distracting. The noise from other workers can make it difficult to focus. Breaks and meetings can also run over time.

  1. No Commute 

Commutes worsen mental health and decrease job satisfaction. It’s aggravating to have to deal with rude drivers, loud horns, etc. And there’s always the looming threat of something going wrong and you having to arrive late.

Then there’s the huge amount of time you waste. A twenty-minute commute may not seem like much at first. However, that adds up to more than three hours a week.

  1. Choose Where to Live 
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Most people can’t live in areas with lower costs of living due to a lack of available work. A remote worker doesn’t have these limits. He or she can easily work from anywhere.

According to Upwork, more than 5 million people have moved since remote work started picking up in 2020. This movement may also bring life to towns and cities that were losing their population.

  1. Spend Less Money 

People tend to spend less money when they have a remote job. They may spend more on the energy they use to power their home, but they save on many other things beyond that. They don’t need to spend money on childcare, commuting, clothes, and much more.

Working From Home and More 

It still may take time for everyone to agree that working from home is better than an office job. But acceptance is certainly growing. Eventually, nearly everyone may end up working from home.

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