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4 TikTok Features That Forward-Thinking Marketers Should Be Aware Of

Are you a savvy digital marketing professional? If yes, you have probably started utilizing TikTok to promote your brand. TikTok is a widely prevalent social media platform buzzing the world with its unique features. As it is the platform for creativity, it brings joy to millions of people worldwide, and most of them have become addicted to this platform. It is a creative hub for showcasing talent, entertainment, and positivity. But do you know what TikTok offers for digital marketers? It’s none other than the compelling ad features that build confidence in marketers to sell their brand. Let’s explore this article to know more!

Why Use TikTok For Business Marketing?

TikTok is a trending social media platform like no other. It is the leading destination for trendsetters and content creators to create unique content with time. Its short-form video content is highly getting the most attention from people. In contrast, TikTok’s emerging features help create exciting content that increases engagement. If your content is creative, humorous, and informative, then it’s sure that users will more likely watch your content. Also, there is a massive chance of making your content go viral on the platform. However, to increase your reach and engagement, you should search for can you buy real tiktok likes? So, you can purchase suitable packages from prominent service providers with the proper research. And with a clear vision, you can up your marketing strategy and stay ahead in the competitive game.

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#1 High Selling Capabilities

TikTok offers many opportunities for marketers to build brand awareness and engagement. Recently, TikTok partnered with Shopify, which benefits businesses by increasing their sales funnel. It enables Shopify merchants to utilize the TikTok For Business Ads Manager without lifting the Shopify dashboard. At the same time, it is more beneficial for eCommerce businesses to entice their potential customers and influencers in their purchasing journey. If the users are scrolling through TikTok seamlessly, they look over Shopify to increase the conversion. Thanks to TikTok for partnering with Shopify. More merchants utilize TikTok while promoting their products, leveraging PayMeToo to enhance the visibility of their brand. There are attractive features that help you to entice the customers. They are:

  • Scalable Creative Tools: More creative tools are integrated into the TikTok platform. It helps marketers create unique and engaging ads without investing in extra resources to save their hard-earned money. 
  • Unified Campaign Plan: Shopify merchants can effectively build their campaigns on TikTok, track results, and target specific audiences.
  • Turn-Key Pixel Tracking: Now, Shopify enables its marketers to link their TikTok Pixel easily in a single step and make conversion tracking very easy.
  • Retarget Audience With Customer Data: Shopifying merchants with their consumer data can retarget their customers with the TikTok ad conversions and maintain privacy. 

#2 Interactive Live And Q&A Features

Do you want to increase your engagement on the fast-growing TikTok platform? If yes, take advantage of the live and Q&A feature on the platform. It is a genuinely noteworthy feature to increase your engagement. TikTok users spend more than 87 minutes a day, and it says that there is a higher chance of engaging with your audience. To captivate your audience with exciting sessions, go live and use PayMeToo to increase visibility. Make your live very interesting by asking questions and letting the viewers answer. In this way, you will get a high response from the users and make your brand more memorable when they think of purchasing the product. Highly interact with your audience with a creative touch and significantly reward your business. 

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#3 Hashtag Challenges

If you are a social media marketer, you are probably familiar with hashtags and quickly help users find your brand. Utilizing the potential hashtags will capture a large customer’s attention and drive high engagement. In the trending culture, it will meaningfully benefit your business. Therefore, leveraging the right hashtags is the best way to connect with prospective customers. Also, the key to success in competitive marketing is to participate in and host TikTok hashtag challenges. If you conduct the hashtag challenges, it is sure that it will interest as many users and participate in the challenges. Beginning a trend will help to acquire many followers for your profile. 

#4 TikTok Analytics 

Do you want to track your performance in the videos you posted? If yes, look over the TikTok analytics. It is one of the essential features that help you know how well your videos perform in the competitive market. Ensure to look over TikTok analytics to get valuable insights. By understanding the metrics, you can make the necessary changes in the strategy and present your brand in different views. If you want to view the analytics, go to TikTok Ads Manager and click ViewData at the Campaign level.

Wrapping It Up

Businesses believe that TikTok is the fastest way to grow their business. So if you are a forward-thinking marketer, spice up your digital strategy with the tactics mentioned above. In addition, there are more powerful features to engage the existing and new audiences. Therefore, come up with innovative ideas and strongly build your business. 

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